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The Workplace From Meta Alterntative You Need

There are several engagement platforms like Workplace From Meta (formerly Workplace by Facebook) that offer a communications and social experience. The question is which one fits your organization’s requirements. When choosing the best employee engagement app for your workforce, it is necessary to make sure it remains in line with your brand specifics (end-to-end). This entails scanning the features of Workplace and its competitors to see what platform fits like a glove. Let’s take a look at what’s truly behind the curtain to see which one can be customized to fit your needs in order to achieve an engaged and productive workforce. 

Feature List HubEngage Workplace
Custom Branded App - App which reflects your corporate brand.
News Feed
Custom Menus - Admin Published content
- Rich Text Formatted Content Creation
- Inline Multimedia support.
- Content Calendar
- Commenting, Liking and Sharing
   ~Control who can comment, like or share by user segments or individual content posts.
- Push Notify content to relevant users at any time.
- Ability to highlight Featured Content on Top
Content Publishing - Moderated User Submitted Content
Social - Unstructured user posts similar to social media like
   Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
      - Multimedia support (Videos / Images)
      - Tagging, Commenting, Liking and Sharing
Knowledge Library: repository to store and share content
Instant Messaging - Ability for users to message each other or create groups for messaging similar to WhatsApp.
Surveys - Ability for users to take surveys.
- Advanced surveys with 40 different question types and formats.
- Insert Multimedia with questions and answers.
Micro-learning - Ability for users to take quizzes and learn.
Forms - Create customizable forms for different initiatives:
- Onboarding new employees
- Health and Safety Forms
- Incident Reporting
Employee Recognitions
- Admin controlled.
- Peer to peer.
- Award points, rewards or gift cards.
Leaderboards - Ability to create leaderboards for different initiatives to drive engagement and usage
Rewards - Ability to give rewards for activity in the App and recognize users.
Intranet - Ability to push content or add a widget to your existing Intranet
Integrations - SSO (SAML / OKTA / PING), HRIS, Payroll, Benefits, Sharepoint and beyond.
Digital Signage - Push content to a Digital Signage Partner
API Support - Access HubEngage content in other platforms or import content and users into HubEngage platform
- Push Notifications
- Email Campaigns and Newsletters
- Automated periodic Email digests and Push Notifications
Action Campaigns to sequence content based on user actions
- Deep Analytics and Reports
- Sentiment Analysis
- Feedback, Recognition and Engagement scores
- Sentiment Scores
Admin Portal (CMS / Studio)
- Manage Users and schedule Content
- Define roles and create sub-Admins with granular permissions.
Dynamic Employee Segmentation and Permissions:
- Automatically create segments based on different attributes like location, departments, cost center, business units etc.
- High degree of granularity.
- Target content, notifications, permissions based on these segments.
User Groups
Languages & translation
- HE translation engine in Q3 2020
Live Streaming

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