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Use Internal Employee Directories To Boost Engagement

CEO’s Guide to Employee Engagement: Internal Employee Directories

When creating an Internal communications platform for your employees, it is helpful to create or link to existing directories within your internal engagement platform, so that employees can find information on contact information, locations, and more.

One of the most commonly used tools on your phone when you’re trying to get in touch with someone, whether it be calling them or texting via SMS or WhatsApp or IM, is your directory. It helps you find whoever you are looking for as quickly and conveniently as possible. Likewise, for businesses, an employee directory will help employees find contact information, locations, and other useful information easily. Thus helping them with their everyday tasks and helping to achieve small goals faster.

The directory acts as a resource for every segment of the business from HR to all employees to higher management. Here are some of the benefits of having an employee directory on your internal communications and engagement platform:

  • Employees get to add their own information into the directory when being on-boarded and also get to maintain their profile as time goes on. They can add a little bio about themselves giving others a little insight into each other’s character. Thus building better working relationships.
  • Conduct advanced searches and filter through the directory not only by name but by location, department, segment, and title.
  • All data collected is completely secure and independently owned by your business. This data is backed up and there is no leakage of data.
  • Employee information is removed from the directory once the employee parts ways with the company when you connect your internal HRIS systems to the platform for authentication using a single-sign-on (SSO)
  • On-boarding is made more convenient and accurate with employees willingly filling their own personal information.
  • Completely accessible from the mobile app, make calls directly from your mobile phone. It is also connected to the internal chat platform. Thus making employee communication convenient and increases employee engagement.

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Zainab Kapasi

A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

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