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Most important employee app features

What Are An Employee App’s Most Important Features

60% of employees now use employee apps on their mobile devices for work-related activities. It is these employee apps that are aimed at improving efficiency and boosting productivity. But how do you know what employee app features are essential and necessary to achieve the objective? We break it down for you. 

According to Google, 75% of people say that smartphones make them more productive. It’s not surprising to know that most people will look to their smartphones for ways to improve, efficiency, speed, productivity, and skillset. 97% of mobile users in particular claim that productivity apps are the most dominant type of app on their smartphones. Most importantly, 64% of organizational leaders say that investments in technology have led to gains in organizational productivity. It is safe to say that employee apps are incredibly beneficial for organizations. So why don’t more companies use them? It’s because many companies are unsure about the specific features needed to make an employee app successful. So let’s start at the beginning…

What Is An Employee App?

An employee app is a tool/solution/platform that is designed with the sole objective of helping a company’s employees boost productivity, engage employees, efficiency, and align with organizational objectives by making internal communications and employee tracking convenient.

How Do You Engage Employees Using An Employee App

Employee engagement is a combination of a number of activities. With Internal communications forming the base of all activities organizations can engage their employees with:

  • Regular and daily communications
  • Recognizing their work
  • Conducting surveys to get to know your employees better
  • Organizing internal events aimed at team or skill-building
  • Giving your employees a platform to help them connect, communicate and build relationships with management and colleagues
  • Develop skill-sets
  • Track work, timelines, and progress on achieving objectives
  • Track engagement, productivity, and performance with in-depth insights and analytics.

What Are The Key Features Of An Employee App

Keeping employee engagement & experience in mind; here are the key features every employee app must have:

  1. Communications 

For work to occur at a constant, highly efficient, and regular pace, communication is a necessity. Employees should be given a platform where they are able to not only communicate with each other but also with management. Two-way communication helps with maintaining transparency and building relationships. Employees should also be able to connect with their peers not only within their team or department but company-wide. A platform with social capabilities will provide a healthy base to collaborate and brainstorm. Just like any social platform, the tagging capability, use of hashtags, and smileys are an added bonus. Over and above exchanging messages, the platform should be able to transfer information via all kinds of media ie. documents, pdfs, excel sheets, videos, images, gifs, etc.

2. Rewards & Recognition

It’s no surprise that people will perform better when recognized for their work and effort, it’s just basic human psyche. Employee recognition also helps to develop positive and motivational work culture. This is one employee app feature that is absolutely necessary. Your employee app should support your ability to create a custom rewards and recognition plan for your employees. The recognitions should suit your employees, their designation, department, location, working conditions, and industry. Apart from management recognizing employees, employees should be able to recognize each other too. This will help in dividing the responsibility of motivating employees. So the pressure doesn’t solely lie on management to do so. Employees should work in an environment where they boost each other up. This acts as an aid in developing lasting work relationships as well as a brilliant work environment.

Similarly, rewards also plays a vital role. Provide a wide range of rewards for you employees to choose from. By introducing gamification elements within the app, you are able to incentivize employees to engage further with the app. The rewards you provide should reflect the generalized character profile of your employee population. Automation of the rewards features will help you scale the rewards and recognition plan for a larger population.

3. Surveys

It is imperative to understand what and how your employees are feeling, in general about the organization, their work, certain work-related situations, their career, etc. Surveys is an employee app feature that is designed to help you get into the minds of your employees and make organizational changes based on their honest opinions. Your employee app should give you the ability to conduct all kinds of automated employee surveys to help you improve employee satisfaction. Be able to get the right insights by being able to ask questions in any format. Attach all kinds of media to ensure your employees have all the information they need before responding to questions. Notify employees instantly when insights or responses to surveys, pulse or anonymous surveys are required. Add gamification elements to further incentivize employees to fill out surveys so you get insights quickly in order to make well-informed changes.

4. Deep Insights & Analytics 

It is this one-employee app feature that will help you analyze and track employee performance and engagement levels. Your employee app should be able to deliver in-depth employee analytics in real-time giving you a clear picture of their performance over time. Be able to download time-based reports for all your employee engagement campaigns. Understand trends so you can realign strategies to improve efficiency and engagement. AI-based analytics will help organizations understand how their employees are feeling in real-time, thereby helping them take the necessary steps sooner rather than later before any major damage is done.

Employee App Functionality Basics

At its core, the employee app’s features should encompass the following basic requirements:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick & responsive (fast-loading apps screens are imperative)
  • High-quality design and UI
  • Easy to access (access from IOS, Android, iPad, browser, digital displays, etc)
  • Safe & secure (no data leaks and hacks)
  • Instant notifications and updates ( be able to send out push notifications)

For employee communication and engagement strategy to be executed efficiently, an all-in-one employee app that contains all the features is required to supercharge employee performance. Use the above checklist when shortlisting employee apps to make sure you are choosing the right one for your organization.

A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

Marketing Manager & Editor, @Hubengage

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