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The Business Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

The Business Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) breaking barriers across all boards, this technology has finally made its case on how it benefits businesses. In this article, we’ll take a look at how a business can use AI to improve employee engagement, morale, and productivity.

The grim reality of employee engagement is that over 50% of the employee population of most US businesses are not engaged at work. An engaged employee will remain loyal and will maintain elevated levels of productivity. With profit-making qualities like these, a company’s greatest asset is a highly engaged employee. While it may be an asset it is also a company’s biggest challenge. Many businesses have started to look to AI to address this issue.

One of the main reasons for low engagement is that businesses don’t understand their employees or the effects of the environment (on their employees) that they have helped to cultivate. Employees can have personal problems, difficulties with the workplace or work culture, mental or physical issues, or simply are just not interested in the job. AI can help HR & management connect the dots, recognize problem areas, and tackle them.

AI to Understand Company Morale

Understand how your workforce truly feels about certain issues by conducting surveys and asking the right questions. AI technology automatically understands the responses to each question and will dynamically change the next question accordingly. It then provides a sentiment score. You’ll be able to find out whether the responses are positive, negative, or neutral.

AI to Enhance Social Engagement

There are several aspects in which AI can help with employee engagement. One of the key features is a highly personalized experience based on each employee’s user behavior on the social mobile app. The AI-powered technology will analyze employee behavior on the social feed in real-time and tell you what posts people are talking about. Businesses can get a better understanding of what people like, dislike, respond to, and care about.

AI to Improve User Experience

Just like every widely used social platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), each individual’s user behavior is taken into consideration and will be shown posts according to what they interact with and are interested in most. Posts and content with higher engagement will show up on newsfeed much more than those that people have not interacted with. Users remain engaged for longer and will remain intrigued as more and more compelling and useful content is being created.

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