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Building An Employee Brand—thanks To Your App

Building an employee brand—thanks to your app

There are lots of ways to engage your employees. From a basic poster in a break room to fancy gamification portals that recognize and reward behavior, there’s a tool available to encourage virtually any task.

I’ve developed hundreds of tactics and campaigns to achieve greater employee engagement for dozens of clients. Companies are spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars developing interactive web portals to better engage employees — and that’s good — but mobile reaches more people, faster and more effectively. The most effective platforms share three key attributes. Their tactics are attention-grabbing, intrinsically motivating and — most importantly — quickly executed.

Enter the Mobile Platform

There is perhaps no better engagement platform than the mobile device. After all, employees use mobile apps to stay in touch, to access critical information and to entertain themselves.

More and more, companies are turning to phone apps to connect with employees as well as customers. The reason is obvious: it’s the one device we can’t put down. Many employees don’t have time to sit at a desktop web portal. But if our phones are always within reach, it only makes sense that mobile platforms reach more people at a more cost-effect price point than the desktop alternative.

This is especially true when you bypass a one-size-fits-all approach for mobile marketing tactics that retarget users with content that is relevant to them.

Mobile tactics include:

  • Gamification
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Augmented reality
  • Quizzes
  • Coupons/loyalty/incentive-based marketing
  • Important corporate communications
  • Videos/photos/multimedia

Strengthening Connections

Mobile technology allows for rich features such as augmented reality scanning (think scavenger hunts and other incentive-based communications). It also employs proximity technologies such as geofences and iBeacons to trigger the right message at the right time.

And if you use continuous loop frameworks such as CoIL Engagement™, you can analyze and retarget automatically, based on parameters you set in advance. You can personalize messages, helping employees feel more connected to your brand — because they feel your brand understands them. In many ways, your mobile app becomes a one-stop shop to engage, entertain, inform, recognize and reward your greatest employee brand ambassadors.

Saving Time and Money

The speed and cost-effectiveness of mobile marketing gives you options. You can trigger many tactics at once or try a more focused approach with just one tactic. A well-designed mobile app provides customization for your specific needs. This way you’re free to use mobile marketing app as your own internal branding lab to see what works and what doesn’t.

You’ve heard the term “fail often” right? Well, in the mobile world, you can afford to try many different things, take risks and fail often. You’ll soon figure out what works and build on those efforts, saving on development and management costs in the long run.


Most comprehensive employee engagement programs are developed over several months—if not years. With the power of mobile SAAS platforms, you can now slash the time needed to develop and execute plans while also cutting the cost to do so.

With the right app, you can ensure the interface is proprietary and branded exactly the way you need it. And, with a subscription service model, you’re paying for only the services you’re using. Talk about low risk — high return! Keep the conversation going. For more information on employee engagement mobile technology, contact us.

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