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Consumer Packaged Goods Employee Communications Platform

HubEngage Helps Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Communicate and Engage Better

Take your consumer brand and turn it inwards to your employees

consumer packaged goods employee experience platform

In the ever-changing world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), companies that produce these products must be able to communicate and engage employees at all levels of the company. Whether they are blue-collar hourly employees working in manufacturing plants, or managers sitting in a corporate office environment, HubEngage can deliver a consumer packaged goods employee communications platform that gets the messages through and generates engagement fast via mobile apps, web intranets and TV screens/displays.

Getting your important content and messaging through to your CPG employees is vital to provide employees with the right company experience. Not only does it help them stay in the know on your top-down internal communications content, but with a consumer packaged goods employee communications platform you can also create great rewarding experiences that allow them to contribute to the content ecosystem through bottom-up tactics such as social feeds, storytelling, peer to peer recognition and health and safety reporting. All tailored to your unique employee segments so the messaging is relevant and department-specific.

When CPG companies create unique communications experiences, they can empower their employees to create outstanding products that revolve around the mission, vision, and values of the company. With a consumer packaged goods employee communications platform for collaboration and engagement from HubEngage, you can:

  • Push the right content, to the right workers, at the right time, based on segmentation, location and individual behaviors
  • Receive instant feedback from employees on a regular basis, so you continuously gain insights
  • Deliver content pre, during and post workday, in a fun and engaging format that creates social buzz
  • Incentivize employees to “want to get information” versus “have to get information” with the right rewards and recognition, while promoting, cross selling and up selling company products

HubEngage employer benefits in action

Inform Inspire Employees

Inform & Inspire

Keep manufacturing employees plugged in with interactive content, leadership messaging, new product/service training and fast track career advancement opportunities.

Listen To Employees

Hear Your Employees

Get employee ideas, insights and opinions with instant feedback surveys and polls. Keep your finger on the pulse of your culture so you can stream future content that hits home.

Reward Recognize Employees

Reward & Recognize

Reward and recognize employees who view and share content with points and badges that may be redeemed for prizes and certificates. Create a band of brand ambassadors!

Analyze Employee Engagement Metrics

Analyze Metrics

View employee engagement levels, satisfaction, knowledge scoring, content advocacy, app usage, gamification stats and more so you can adapt programs for maximum performance.

With a HubEngage powered app, CPG employees can…

employee engagement and communications platform for the consumer goods industry
  • Receive push notifications for important news, company updates, policies, events, health & safety etc.
  • Check for schedule updates
  • Find locations with wayfinding maps (manufacturing, offices, kiosks, etc.)
  • Get coupons/discounts from corporate service providers
  • Interact with other employees via instant messaging, gamification, sharing stories
  • Play while they learn with quizzes, surveys, scavenger hunts and more
  • Share experiences, rewards and perks on social channels
  • View out of facility “know before you go” interactions and incentives
  • Watch streaming videos and seasonal content
  • Receive relevant content via location based technology and employee segmentation
  • Much, much more!

Every day, HubEngage empowers CPG companies, to engage with their employees in a way that drives real business results

Helping CPG companies get better engagement with an advanced consumer packaged goods employee communications platform

Everyday The KraftHeinz Company uses HubEngage to communicate to 50,000 global employees across multiple segments and administrators.


This snack food producer with its rich history and legacy deployed HubEngage in order to engage, retain and grow their diverse employee base.

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