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The Leading Communications Platform For The Healthcare Industry

Engage and communicate better with healthcare employees so that they can provide better care

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Healthcare Employee Communications Platform

HubEngage Helps Healthcare Communicate and Engage Better

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Hospitals, urgent care centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities are notorious for housing some of the most chaotic and mentally charged work environments known to man. They also hold the record for the highest number of employee burnouts due to exhaustion. With this comes high job dissatisfaction and low quality-of-care. One of the primary ways to avoid chaos is timely communication received in an orderly fashion. Deliver the right informative content to the necessary healthcare workers at the right time to get the best results. Our platform helps you do just that. 

The need to communicate in a fast and effective way, now more than ever before. With the advent of COVID-19 and other epidemics, healthcare organizations must have a proper healthcare employee communications platform that increases engagement. Deliver important information across a variety of channels including mobile apps, web apps, intranets, and in-facility display screens.

Medical administrators in healthcare can push all sorts of top-down as well as bottom-up content from your employees such as streaming news, surveys, gamification, rewardstraining, etc to highly segmented employee populations based on departments, locations, and roles. Our Communications solution lets you custom-tailor unique experiences. 

Delivering exceptional employee experiences for your healthcare workers can translate into a better healthcare experience for patients. This, in turn, influences your brand mission, hospital vision, and culture.  

Communications Platform Benefits For Every Healthcare Employer



the right content, to the right workers, at the right time, based on segmentation, location, and individual behaviors



employees to want to get information with the right  rewards and recognition while promoting company products



content pre, during, and post workday, in a fun and engaging format that creates social buzz



instant feedback from employees on a regular basis, so you continuously gain insights

Provide High-Quality Care With A Holistic Approach

Helping Healthcare companies, worldwide, provide the best of care by driving communication and engagement.


Every day, HubEngage empowers automotive companies, worldwide, to engage with their employees in a way that drives real business results.

Helping Healthcare companies, worldwide, provide the best of care by driving communication and engagement.


Ready to Explore HubEngage?

Talk with one of our employee communications experts and let us show you how HubEngage can move the needle on your employee experience, applying the right mix of features to meet your unique needs.

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