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The Leading Employee Communications Platform for the Retail Industry

Helping the retail industry provide optimal work environments with better communication and engagement

Employee Communications Platform for the Retail Industry

Retail Employee Communications Platform

HubEngage Helps Retailers Communicate and Engage Better

automotive employee communications platform

Retail employees face a current challenge unlike any other time in modern history. With the advent of a global health emergency, job security is of the highest priority at the moment. Simultaneously, keeping your best employees feeling safe, secure, and satisfied enough to be as productive as possible is imperative.  This is only possible through clear and constant communication at all times. In addition to providing business-critical communications to employees, an employee communications platform helps to increase engagement and knowledge so that employees understand products, services and also become brand ambassadors for your store’s mission, vision, and values.

Retailers of consumer goods and services must have the flexibility to push important messaging and content to employees with the help of segmentation tools. Tailor your content based on employee personas and deliver the right information to the right audience when they need it. Whether it’s traditional corporate content and messaging such as news, videos, survey, etc., or it’s more role-specific operational content that helps individuals do their jobs better, HubEngage has you covered for all things corporate communications.

Breakthrough traditional communications barriers by expanding your touchpoint possibilities with surveys, gamification, rewardstraining, and much more. Give your employees the tools they need to succeed with customer service, such as instant messaging for productivity, health and safety reporting, product information, QR/bar code scanning, and access to third-party platforms for other information.

When retailers create unique employee digital content experiences, they can empower their employees to create outstanding customer experiences. Make your culture shine, and increase retention, lower attrition, turnover, and keep in touch with employees no matter where in the employment life-cycle they sit.  

Employee Communications Platform Benefits For The Retail Employer



the right content, to the right workers, at the right time, based on segmentation, location, and individual behaviors



employees to want to get information with the right  rewards and recognition while promoting company products



content pre, during, and post workday, in a fun and engaging format that creates social buzz



instant feedback from employees on a regular basis, so you continuously gain insights

Retail companies can drive real business results by engaging their employees and boosting productivity

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Every day, HubEngage empowers automotive companies, worldwide, to engage with their employees in a way that drives real business results.

Helping automotive companies get better engagement through advanced communications


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