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How an Employee Communications Intranet Benefits Companies

employee intranet solutions platform
employee intranet solutions platform

Benefit of an Employee Communications Intranet

Have you been looking for a multi-layered communications experience for those employees on your payroll that prefer to use desktops?

HubEngage Intranet Solutions

While many users have migrated to the use of smartphone apps and other mobile devices, there are still some who prefer to do things in a more traditional way. Desktops also reference the use of laptops, which many companies will provide to their employees, especially remote users.

Using an intranet allows for an entire organization to be connected seamlessly and integrated using all of the engagement tools, like forms, surveys, quizzes, instant messaging, social engagement, and more. With an intuitive and user-friendly design, HubEngage makes it possible to quickly get information out and across the network. This is effective internal communication.

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What is a Workplace Intranet?

Intranet in the workplace An intranet is a private network set up by a company or organization that acts as a portal for sharing best practices and other important internal information that is pertinent for employees to share securely. Most intranets are made up of many internal communication tools are a part of a bigger picture.

The internal communication and content that might be found within the intranet structure include:

  • Company news and announcements that are only privy to employees and other staff members
  • Discussions and other forums for employees and management staff
  • Important business documents that are not public knowledge
  • Blogs
  • HR Policies and other procedural documents
  • Company forms
  • Employee directories

An intranet helps to automate tasks like expense claims, leave requests, meeting room booking, and IT requests. The modern intranet is also likely going to feature the ability to brand and personalize the experience for the company and the employees.

PRO TIP: Understanding Intranets Versus Employee Apps

Who Can Use an Intranet?

Traditionally it was the larger businesses and corporations who would use intranets across their business to ensure that all Employees can use the intranet employees were connected on the same network. Many of these companies also used an intranet to restrict access to unauthorized websites on company computers or during company time. Today, there is no size restriction for implementing an intranet within a company.

Any company that wants to create a safer space for its employees to communicate and keep proprietary information out of the public’s hands can benefit from using the intranet infrastructure.

How Using an Intranet Increases Communication

Communication can consist of sensitive information at times, especially during meetings or other information-gathering sessions. using the intranet increases communications If you are a part of a company with a lot of sensitive information that you share over technological channels, you may benefit from using an intranet. Communications can be improved because they can be more open. Without the threat of someone hijacking your information, it allows you to talk freely.

The overall purpose of incorporating engagement platforms and intranet structures is to increase the communication between you, your employees, and others within your business.

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Internal Communications and the Intranet

The purpose of the intranet is to keep your company information inside your company or among only your employees (where it belongs). Using an internal communication software solution like HubEngage makes it easier for you to design your intranet for communication tools and engage your employees.

Create your engaging interface that uses the fully configurable HubEngage UX/UI templates. You can organize all of your content and navigate it easily with the utmost secure network. Your intuitive intranet allows you and your employees to remain informed and able to communicate safely.

Digital Displays and Content Digital displays for employee communications

HubEngage brings you the options you need to bring your company information to life within your intranet structure. Using digital displays as communication tools, you can bring your content, internal communication, social feeds, and so much more to life (on the big screen).

Digital displays are a powerful internal communication tool and make it possible for the maximum number of employees (or visitors) to see the information you want to get across the intranet without depending on mobile apps, push notifications, and other personal communications.

Your intranet connection allows you to keep your internal communication within your organization – not among the public.

Provide Workplace Information and Communications to Employees

Provide Workplace Information and Communications to Employees Not all of the information that gets shared within the workplace should be public knowledge. The one way to make sure that your information stays where it needs to stay is by using the intranet infrastructure. You can enlist internal communication tools from HubEngage to make sure that all of your workplace information, sensitive employee information, and proprietary internal communication remains secure within your organization.

How the Use of Intranets Benefits Companies and Employees

HubEngage Employee Communications Platform The intranet is different than the internet. With enough digging, you can find out just about anything you want to know on the internet. You have likely heard someone tell you that once something is on the internet, it is there forever – they aren’t joking. Anything you post on the internet is likely to be found for a long time, rather easily. Sure, over time, it may end up on page 2,675 of Google, but it’s still there for someone who really wants to find it.

The intranet keeps your company information and any internal communication like conversations, forms, questions, comments, pictures, media, and more out of the reach of the internet abyss. Your information and communication remain safe and secure – visible only where it should be within your company.

Increase Your Employee Engagement

Your intranet can seamlessly integrate with all of the platforms available to you from HubEngage to increase your employee engagement. These internal comms platforms and unique features make it possible for you to make work fun. Yes, work can be fun when handled the appropriate way.

What can the HubEngage platform integrated with an intranet infrastructure do for you and your employees? Well, for one thing it can improve internal communication.

Increase Communications

increase communication One of the biggest complaints that people have when they leave a job is the lack of internal communications within the business. One of the ways to keep communication lines open is to utilize employee engagement software that will integrate with existing intranet infrastructures. The more open internal communication in a secure setting, the more likely an employee will be satisfied. A good internal communications strategy is always key.

Pave the Way for Internal Social Feeds

Social feeds and social media are some of the most popular employee social feeds ways of internal communications. Social feeds make it possible for you to share insight, news, and other company-wide information. You can set up segment channels for people in specific departments to ensure they receive only information that applies to them. Using the company intranet to facilitate this can help ensure that sensitive news and company information stays within the company.

Recognition and Rewarding Employees

employee rewards and recognitions HubEngage allows you to recognize and reward your employees through a variety of different avenues of internal communications, including digital displays, push notifications, emails, social feeds, and other communication methods. Through the company intranet connection, you gain the ability to relay the information to your company quickly and efficiently.

Surveys and Forms

employee forms and surveys Depending on how you customize your surveys, you may ask your employees for information that they may not be comfortable sending over the internet – but with the internal communications intranet, all of that can change. Forms are also the home to some extremely sensitive information at times, whether it be during the on-boarding process or just because you are doing training that needs to be certified. You handle information about your employees that they may not want to be lost to the internet.

Learning Hub

employee learning and training One of the best reasons to invest in the intranet for your company is because of the dedicated internal communications network and your learning hub. A learning hub has all of your industry-specific secrets as they pertain to your company. For training purposes, your employees often access these when they need to certify, complete annual training, or for a refresher.

With the intranet, your employees have easier ways of accessing this. You have an easier way of keeping it safe. You both win.

Instant Messaging Hub

Messages between employees Employee internal messaging , whether in the office or remote, should be done in a way that is private. When you are on the internet and not the intranet, while there is security, there isn’t a whole lot of privacy. There are some messages among employees and even management that need to stay within the boundaries of the company.

Why Engagement is Important

Engagement in the workplace makes it possible for your employees to want to come to work. The lack of communication, especially secure internal communications, makes it almost impossible for your employees to trust the workplace. With HubEngage communication tools, you don’t have to worry about your employees not being engaged within the workplace.

How Do You Know if Your Employee is Disengaged?

Identify a disengaged employee

There are some key signs you can watch out for when you are trying to find out if your employees are disengaged in the workplace. A disengaged employee is not a productive employee. If you can identify who among your staff falls into this category, you may be able to increase engagement, productivity, and even morale, all while using your internal communications intranet.

  • Low quality of work
    • If you notice that your employee has not been putting out the same amount of work they once did, or you notice that their productivity rate has decreased, there may be a need for intervention. With an intervention, you can use training and other types of engagement to see if you can increase their engagement levels in a natural way.
  • Absenteeism
    • Employees who are disengaged in their job roles may be absent a lot. They may just not want to come into work, or they may be looking for another job.
  • Constantly late
    • Between not being there and showing up late, disengaged employees who have no real reason for these actions could just be disengaged. You can start by using a survey over the intranet to see if there are things that can be corrected.
  • Fighting or arguing
    • Friction is something that is a telltale sign of a disengaged employee. They likely don’t want to be at work, and so their attitude is poor. Instead of constantly reprimanding them, you may try communicating with them to see if there is something they need to make them feel better. Internal communications are key.
  • Lack of improvement in the workplace
    • Despite your best efforts to fix the situation, there may still be a lack of improvement for your employees that are disengaged. If you find that this is the case, you may need to increase the way you approach situations. Utilize communication tools to create more training efforts and engage more often on your social feeds.

Are you finding a way to implement engagement in your workplace? If you look at your analytical data that gets collected through your intranet and the platforms you use, do you gain actionable intel and use it? You can’t expect a disengaged employee to fix their engagement problem. This is a management-level problem. HubEngage wants to help you accomplish increasing employee engagement through the communication tools and platforms we provide.

Why is HubEngage Your Intranet Solution?

HubEngage is a unique type of employee engagement software created with the purpose of helping companies increase their employee engagement. While engagement is something that can be fixed through one of the proprietary platforms that HubEngage brings to you, by using the intranet deployment method, you are increasing the security of internal communications within your company.

HubEngage Your Intranet Solution What if engagement could be that simple?

Let HubEngage be your company’s intranet solution. Find out exactly what our products and deployment methods can do for you by receiving one of our personalized demos. That’s right, none of the one-size-fits-all demos that other companies try to feed you. We make sure that you see our platforms at work with your information. Why would you settle for anything else?

Let us walk you through how each of the platforms can help increase your engagement and your internal communications. Learn how using the HubEngage intranet changes security and connecting your employees together. See how our analytics work for you, providing you with the answers you need in one convenient dashboard location!

HubEngage experts are ready and waiting to hear from you. Submit the online contact form to request your personalized demo of the HubEngage platform.

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