Tactics + Technology = Smart Strategy
hubEngage offers a flexible employee engagement technology platform that allows you to mix and match different engagement modules to create the most relevant program for your users. hubEngage's personalization engine intuitively learns each user's behavior to drive the right tactic at the right time. The result is that you not only have a highly engaged employee, but also build a 360 degree view of their behavior.

Scroll through our employee engagement technology stack below, and see how you can leverage hubEngage to Become an Engagement Technologist

Action Based Campaigns

Trigger news, gamification, rewards, videos, points/badges, surveys and other interactivity tools in the app simply by invoking them on a need basis or based on a set of user actions. For example an engagement tactic can be triggered after a user browses a few screens, submits and/or shares information. Also configure number of times each action needs to be taken and personalize tactics by user segments and/or location.

Proximity-Based Geofencing Campaigns

Use a geofence as a trigger to activate the appropriate content for individual users at the right time. When they are entering a location show a list of events, news or a customized notification to incentivize users. Once the user is in a location, engage them with other tactics such as scavenger hunts using bar code scanning or augmented reality, "Did you know" quizzes and more. As users exit the location, trigger a feedback survey to get their opinion and reward them with incentives and recognition.

Proximity-Based Beacon Campaigns

Proximity beacon campaigns work in a similar way as geofence campaigns but with more granularity indoors. Bluetooth low energy proximity beacons such as iBeacons are strategically placed in a location to trigger messages relevant to that region. When a user enters or exits the region, relevant engagement tactics can be triggered, such as showing them news, events, asking them to participate in a scavenger hunts, or other interactions. As a user exits the region, prompt them to share their experiences, take surveys and reward them with badges or points.

Augmented Reality

Using our available Augmented Reality feature, you can let users explore your location by scanning various products or participate in exciting scavenger hunts. Using the mobile device’s camera as a scanner, when each object is recognized, hubEngage triggers videos, coupons, badges and other interactions that are highly relevant and personalized to the user.

Personalization Engine

hubEngage personalizes engagement tactics to each and every user based on geo-location, user interests, personality and demographic traits, and past activity. Our powerful engine leverages user segmentation in real-time by combining data acquired from your other channels as well as interaction data collected as users engage with hubEngage. The personalization engine forms the core behind matching different interactivity tools like news, badges, incentives, videos with delivery mechanisms like geofencing, proximity beacons or iBeacons and augmented reality.


hubEngage lets you create a variety of rewards with or without constraints such as quantity, expiration etc. These rewards mapped to campaigns are then picked by the personalization engine and delivered to the users through various mechanisms like geofencing, proximity beacons or iBeacons and augmented reality.

Streaming Videos

Upload videos of your choice such as training, speeches, news, product details, advertisements or simply pure entertainment, and attach them to various campaigns. hubEngage’s personalization engine will stream the right video to the right user at the right time, for example when they are just browsing the mobile app in a specific location or scanning a product using an in-app barcode scanner or augmented reality.

Rewards & Badges

Create interesting rewards and badges to incentivize users for their actions ranging from browsing the app, providing feedback, interacting with contests and simple sharing. Rewards and badges can be configured to have expiry dates, limited quantities and customized for different user segments. When a user redeems rewards, track when and how the redemptions are being made to understand user behavior.

Feedback Surveys

An engagement program is not complete without creating a two way channel. Use our interactive surveys to solicit feedback from users and find their likes/dislikes. You can create a mobile enabled survey with numerous question types like ratings, multiple-choice, media upload (audio, video, images), qr codes, barcodes and more. Link these surveys to geofencing or proximity beacon campaigns to trigger them when a user is exiting a specific location or a region inside a location.

Interactivity Tools

hubEngage offers several interactivity tools such as quizzes, "what am I?" contests and scavenger hunts. Create different interactions as needed and trigger them in the app as needed or tie them to geofencing, beacon or augmented reality campaigns. Our interactivity tools make the experience fun for users. On successful participation, reward the users with a coupon or badge as you see fit.

Big Data Analytics

hubEngage collects all data and crunches numbers in real-time giving you a 360 degree view of your customers. The engine analyzes all the interactions your users are engaging with, including feedback responses and answers the what, where, and why users are taking certain actions, so you can channel their behavior in a direction that meets your objectives. Lastly hubEngage’s personalization engine itself takes advantage of this data to deliver the right content to the right person.

API Integrations

hubEngage provides the ability to both pull data from your existing channels and push data back as needed. By seeding hubEngage with your existing customer information, you will increase personalization right off the bat. This gets improved as hubEngage collects its own data on the users along the way. At the same time, we give ability to export any data as required into your existing platforms as well.

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