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What Is An Employee Recognition Platform?

HubEngage Employee Recognition Platform

A key component to engaging your employees is employee recognition. Every employee remembers the moments of recognition and those moments remain with them, motivating them to work harder and do better, and remain engaged at work. This is where an employee recognition platform comes in handy. Gone are the days when recognitions were given out manually on an annual or quarterly basis. Now you can automate the entire process.

An effective employee recognition strategy has the power to truly lift your employees inspiring them to do better work, not only in the office but also in their personal lives. The entire process of recognizing employees helps to build a productive work culture that will lead the company to new levels of success. Each employee’s criteria for recognition is different, even if there they are within the same team or department. Just like every company’s recognition requirements are never the same either. The recognition strategy must always be custom designed to fit the needs of each individual organization. Custom designed to suit the employee population of that organization on a micro level.
But what kinds of recognitions could you give your employees? Appreciating employee work is just the tip of the iceberg. There a lot of ways in which you can express appreciation as well as gratitude towards your employees, for the work they’ve done, their code of conduct, and the way they interact with other employees.  Recognize them also based on the amount of effort put into it their extracurricular activities that don’t necessarily associate with work but bring to the forefront their impeccable character. These are just the basics of how an employee can be recognized. It’s plain to see that customization is the name of the game and an employee recognition platform will help you do just that. You can create recognitions to suit every type of employee. Create recognitions based on working conditions, type of work, location, department, or any other criteria that you see fit.
Milestones are another brilliant way to recognize your employees. They tend to highlight an employee’s loyalty towards a company. Milestones such as work anniversaries, birthdays, or even major promotions. Initially, organizations used to send out emails or create posts for these types of recognitions manually. They’d have to keep calendar alerts notifying them of a certain individual’s birthday or work anniversary so that they remember to send out the celebratory emails. An employee recognition platform automates this entire process for you, not only sending out email emails but also creating posts notifying the entire workforce and also rewarding the employee at the same time.
Recognizing employees is important however recognizing leadership is just as important for several reasons. Your leaders are also people and employees of the organization. They need recognition and motivation just like anybody else. Leadership recognition also counts as a good way of understanding whether they are doing a good job. Do your employees respond to leadership? Do your employees look up to the leadership? Do your employees agree with the objective set by your leadership? If your leadership isn’t getting recognized then you know that a lot of effort and work has to be put into helping them develop into the mentors and leaders that you need to help your company reach new levels of success. Recognition of your leadership and management is also another way you can truly gauge whether someone is capable of being in a management role. If a certain employee is working his way up the ranks then the leadership recognitions will help you get a better understanding of how he is performing in his managerial role. Is he being a good mentor to his team members? Is he leading them the right way? Are his strategies in line with company objectives? And are his team members managing to stay motivated, efficient, and productive under his leadership? All these questions and more can be answered with the right kind of customized employee recognition strategy and execution of this in-depth employee recognition strategy is possible on an employee recognition platform.
Now your recognition strategy covers employees as well as leadership but there is another way employee recognition can be incredibly effective. Peer-to-peer recognition, this type of recognition has proven to be not only an incredibly impactful way of motivating employees it also plays a heavy role in setting a good example for employees. Peer-to-peer recognition is centered around being a good person, urging people to be kind to one another to build each other up, and help each other achieve a common objective. The entire responsibility of motivating employees should not lie on leadership alone. By enabling peer-to-peer recognition you are able to cultivate a positive environment and a self-motivated work culture. These recognitions do not have to be focused on the work that each employee does. Create recognitions that highlight other aspects of their life such as showing kindness towards others, physical and mental welfare, extra curricular activities, hobbies, talents, or any other area that makes an employee the unique person that he/she is. The right kind of employee recognition platform will help you do this.
Recognizing your employees is only half the battle. Everyone enjoys a pat on the back but they enjoy a free gift even more. The effects of a recognition lasts a little longer when rewards are given along with them. Rewards are just as impactful as the recognition itself. By attaching ganification elements to not only to your recognitions but also to other engagement activities you’re able to incentivize your employees to remain engaged, work harder, be more efficient, and be productive. Your employee recognition platform should allow you to either give custom rewards like a free meal from the cafeteria, a paid day off, or a few hundred points for getting recognized. The more points your employees are able to collect and then exchange for a gift voucher the more engaged they’ll be. Keep a healthy balance between corporate-level rewards (paid leave, half-day, etc.) and gift vouchers so your employees have plenty of options to choose from. The choice alone is incentive enough for them to remain engaged.
Just recognizing your employees and rewarding them is not enough, your employee recognition platform should also help you track and give you in-depth insight into how your employee recognitions are performing, how successful is your rewards system, and most importantly how are your employees performing and how engaged or there are they. Get real-time analytics on every employee and keep track of their performance, you’ll be able to take quick action when you see engagement levels falling and avoid a larger organizational crisis.
HubEngage‘s employee recognition platform is able to give you end-to-end customization, automation, and in-depth analytics. You’ll be able to execute the most intricate of employee recognition strategies seamlessly and effortlessly. The mobile app is easy to use, easy to access and the beautiful user interface keeps your employees coming back for more. The end-to-end customization is not limited to the engagement strategies, you can also customize the look and feel of your mobile app to make it look like your own. The all-in-one functionality of the platform allows you to not only execute a recognition strategy but also other aspects of your engagement strategy such as communication, surveys, training, skill development, and much more. Get in touch with us for a live demo and we’ll take you through what your very own custom employee recognition platform can look like.

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