Inexpensive employee apps made easy

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Employee apps are becoming more and more popular inside of companies of all different shapes and sizes. In particular, companies that have decentralized workforces in multiple locations, where employees are not in front of computers to read company emails and access company Intranets, can benefit from their own inexpensive employee apps.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) employee app platforms that are full of thoughtful features such as employee messaging, push notifications, company news, videos, social feeds, employee surveys, rewards and recognition, learning and sharing tools, and much much more makes it easy for a company of any size too quickly create their own custom employee app platform in very little time.

Furthermore, inexpensive employee apps that allow companies to segment messages to different audiences inside of their organization and then push those messages based on an employee’s location, makes it even more powerful. Make sure to select an employee app platform that not only has a robust feature set, but also lets you customize and brand your employee app so that it conforms with your corporate brand identity standards, giving the employee a unique user experience that is both memorable and engaging. Inexpensive employee apps can be very exciting for a small company that would love to increase their employer brand and attract new talent, but has limited resources and budget to create such a channel.

Creating inexpensive employee apps can now be achieved very quickly through using software-as-a-service (SaaS), out of the box platforms. What was once considered a monumental task of hiring a digital agency and commissioning a custom mobile app, that can only be managed by a professional services firm, has now been disrupted with the advent of robust employee app platforms.

These inexpensive employee apps basically operate as a self-service business unit (SSBU). They not only give you robust, best in class employee communications and engagement features and a tool-set already built in to the platform, but they also give you the ability to manage the entire platform from a back-end dashboard portal where you can create your in app tactics, load up your content and deploy on the fly. You can also measure effectiveness of your content and see how metrics like satisfaction, engagement, advocacy, referrals, and much more are doing from these robust employee app platform dashboards.

Getting started is really easy, and typically can be as short as a two week process to design and deploy your very own inexpensive employee apps for a company of any size. Inexpensive employee apps can streamline internal communications and help consolidate many internal communications tasks into one single tool that executes on tactics and measures all in one.

Want to learn more, or see some real life examples of inexpensive employee apps? Check out and get more information on how you can deploy powerful,  inexpensive employee apps and get results very fast. You can even start a free trial of a sample demo app and see for yourself how the user experience engages, captivates, and motivates employees through many tactics in the employee mobile app experience.

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