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Enterprise Grade Employee Communications Intranet

HubEngage's employee communications intranet platform creates the same engaging communications experience on desktop and web devices.

HubEngage’s employee communications intranet web platform provides a rich, communications filled experience for employees that prefer using desktop computers so that they stay in touch throughout their work day.

With an intuitive, user friendly design, our employee communications intranet platform makes getting the right information fast, easier to access any time. Our user interface is not only pleasing to the eye, it’s a powerful tool to take your content to the next level of employee communications.

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An easy to access option that gives all the information in desktop format

Designed to create a rewarding, informative employee communication experience.

Fully Configurable UX/UI Templates For Browser And Mobile App

Use our fully configurable UX/UI templates to create an engaging desktop web portal that delivers all the power of the employee communications platform fast.

Organize All Your Content In An Easy To Navigate Experience

Organize all your content in easy an easy to navigate experience so that employees can browse and find the right information.

Our Desktop Chat Is Easy To Access And Use

Our desktop chat is easy to access and use, giving your employees the ability to communicate with other employees in an instant.

Perfect, seamless integrations

HubEngage’s experts can help you take your legacy IT and HRIS systems and integrate content streams directly into your employee communications intranet platform.

We make sure your existing content not only has a way in but can be managed on either end of the integration so it’s the same wherever you create it. Our technology is designed to consume and distribute content as required.

We partner with your IT teams to make sure integrations and consolidation of existing tools into one seamless experience happens fast and easily. Whether you have simple systems or more complex API driven databases, our knowledgeable teams have the experience and strategies to take what you have and plug it in the right way.

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perfect seamless integrations

Consolidate all your tools into one easy to manage employee communications intranet platform

Deploy and manage one seamless platform to save budget and admin resources.

Single Stream Of Top Down And Bottom Up Communications

Deploy an easy to access single stream of top down and bottom up communications so employees get the communications faster.

Use Feedback Surveys To Improve Employee Communication

Take popular tools like feedback surveys and fold them into the communications mix so you can manage and analyze in one place.

Reward And Recognize To Boost Employee Engagement

Reward and recognize to create better employee engagement across the company  with our rich tool-set.

Testimonial: In our customer's words

“We know that each associate can have a huge impact on the overall guest experience and ultimately on the property’s bottom line. Regular users of the app have better cultural awareness and help to drive hotel profitability. After all, happy, engaged team members create happy, engaged guests and a healthy bottom line.”

Lizz Chambers, Vice President
Associate Engagement | Newport Hospitality Group, Inc.

“The majority of our workforce does not sit in front of a computer, and we were looking for a way to communicate and engage with them.

After evaluating a number of competitors, we chose hubEngage based on the quality of their user experience. They have been extraordinarily responsive to all of our questions (and we have a lot of them!). They take the time to walk us through everything.”

Digital Marketing
Great Dane Trailers

Their platform is incredibly well thought out, the back-end provides easy access for countless tasks, and their client service for any “out of the box” ideas we come up with is fantastic.

Our retailers couldn’t be happier with the app and we couldn’t be happier with our decision in choosing hubEngage.

Brandon Lee
Retail Training & Engagement | Smartwool / VF Corporation
Pengate Handling Systems, Inc.

“The hubEngage app has been a wonderful engagement tool for our company. Not only is it easy to navigate, but it’s also easy to measure the results of our initiatives and goals via the comprehensive reporting dashboard.”

Sarah Schaffstall
Marketing and Sales | Pengate Handling Systems, Inc.
Employee Engagement HubEngage Testimonial

“With MyESA, our associates can learn more about the company they work for and how they can grow as part of it. We also believe that this app allows each of our associates to be ambassadors for Extended Stay America and is a great tool that will help us attract new associates.

Sid Levy
VP of Talent Management & Associate Engagement | Extended Stay America

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