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    hubEngage for Government, Education and Non-Profit Employees

    Employee apps for Government, Education and Non-Profit Employees

    Government, Education and Non-Profit Employee Apps

    Communicating to Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, Colleges & Universities, Schools, Libraries, Charities & Foundations, and Professional & Political Groups in an efficient way that is fun, engaging and rewarding is a challenge. These organizations are always trying to get people informed and involved and their first resource is always the people that make up the employee base. Communicating news, events, important updates, programs , services, benefits and much more is essential to make these organizations effective, serving employees and the people they serve in return.


    So, how can government, educational institutions and non-profits benefit from an employee app platform? They can provide essential communications and also:

    • Push the right content, to the right employees people, at the right time, based on location and role in the organization
    • Receive instant feedback from employees on a regular basis, so you continuously gain insights
    • Deliver content pre, during and post workday, in a fun and engaging format that creates social buzz
    • Incentivizes them to “want to get information” versus “have to get information” with the right rewards and recognition

    hubEngage Benefits in Action

    Inform & Inspire

    Inform & Inspire

    Keep your employees plugged in with interactive content, leadership messaging, new product/service training and fast track career advancement opportunities.

    Hear Your Employees

    Hear Your Employees

    Get employee ideas, insights and opinions with instant feedback surveys and polls. Keep your finger on the pulse of your culture so you can stream future content that hits home.

    Reward & Recognize

    Reward & Recognize

    Reward and recognize employees who view and share content with points and badges that may be redeemed for prizes and certificates. Create a band of brand ambassadors!

    Analyze Metrics

    Analyze Metrics

    View employee engagement levels, satisfaction, knowledge scoring, content advocacy, app usage, gamification stats and more so you can adapt programs for maximum performance.

    Confident, educated workforce.

    Empower your workforce base with a mobile app for government employees powered by hubEngage. Using our intelligent CoIL Engagement™ mobile engagement engine, push news updates, important information, events, ways to get involved in your local community and much more to users based on relevancy by individual behavioral KPIs, geographic location and segmentation based on their role in government. Your message gets across to the right employee, at the right place, at the right time, so you’re hyper-targeting, not guessing. Connect leaders with employees so that they get real time feedback and ideas from the people on how to improve public service. Provide various media content and gamification on the historical significance and value of the services you provide everyday.

    Highlight history, importance and the future of your agency.  There’s so much you can do with hubEngage’s government, education and non-profit app solution, creating a positive return on involvement!

    With a hubEngage powered app, government employees can…

    • Learn more about government services, information and important updates
    • Find landmarks, other offices and more with mapping
    • Connect with local businesses and government services, receive discounts and coupons
    • Connect with elected officials and leadership
    • Interact with other employees via gamification leader board (badges, points)
    • Share experiences and photos on social channels
    • Report problems, issues with government services or facilities
    • Be informed, aware and part of the dialogue on current issues and events
    • Participate in special initiatives such as green, recycling and other outreach
    • Watch streaming videos and exclusive historic content
    • Receive relevant content via location based technology and employee segmentation
    • Use interactive tools such as augmented reality to scan objects or photos
    • Give feedback to local leadership on how to improve government
    • Much, much more

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