Educate and inspire more.

Museums are a place of knowledge sharing and learning. However, many museums today face the challenge of educating and inspiring their own people, so that they can effectively in turn communicate to guests and visitors better. That’s where a museum and library employee mobile app for communications and engagement  from hubEngage can help. Mobile devices are already playing bigger roles in your visitor and guest’s lives, increasing the experience by pairing mobile applications with location-based technologies to get visitors closer to exhibits, a better understanding of traffic flow and exhibit layout, engaging visitors better, more productive knowledge sharing and insights on the creation of future content. The same can be applied internally to your employees. Like your visitors, museum and library employees are always on the go, seldom in any one place all the time. They rely on their mobile devices, whether they are iPhones, Android phones, iPods, iPads or tablets for news, updates, important information, communications and media content at all times. From the second they arrive to work, they are looking at their mobile devices to stay in touch. Creating a museum and library employee mobile app can empower your people to provide a better visitor experience to the people they interact with every moment of the day. With a museum and library employee mobile app from hubEngage, you can:
  • Push the right content, to the right workers, at the right time, based on segmentation, location and individual behaviors
  • Receive instant feedback from employees on a regular basis, so you continuously gain insights
  • Deliver content pre, during and post workday, in a fun and engaging format that creates social buzz
  • Incentivize employees to “want to get information” versus “have to get information” with the right rewards and recognition, while promoting, cross selling and up selling museum and library services
Effective mobile employee engagement tactics for museums and libraries

Push Critical Information

Push critical information, such as events, schedules, news & updates, weather conditions, security notices, ground transportation and much more to individual employees with tools such as location awareness technology and employee segmentation.

Trigger Instant Feedback

Trigger instant feedback surveys and polls so you get data in real time, keeping your finger on the employee pulse, allowing you to stream focused content that improves the employer brand experience, while attracting and developing talent.

Showcase Benefits

Showcase benefits and services available to employees, such as ground transportation, discounts at museum and library vendors, health benefits, perks/discounts/giveaways and more. Leverage advertising opportunities to monetize fast with your vendor base.

Launch Gamification

Launch gamification such as quizzes, trivia, “What Am I” and more. Reward with points, badges, coupons and discounts. Use augmented reality scanning to unlock digital content in scavenger hunts. Monetize messaging with vendor/supplier sponsorship.

Confident, educated workforce.

The museum and library employee mobile app solution from hubEngage lets you communicate in a fun and easy to manage platform across multiple devices, while increasing awareness of exhibits, featured presentations, exclusive shows and more, incentivizing employees across multiple functions, from visitor services to maintenance and management, plus many more. By leveraging our CoIL Engagement™ framework, using features such as proximity location via geofencing, low-energy Bluetooth beacons, segmentation by individual user behavioral KPIs, feedback tools, gamification, and analytics you can create the intrinsic motivators that lead to an outstanding experience. Don’t just digitize your existing web content. hubEngage starts the dialogue and fosters two-way communication, while you push all sorts of relevant content such as employee news, security updates, maps, location information, schedules, weather as well as incentives such as coupons and discounts based on in-door mapping locations. Trigger in-app notifications based on location so that your message gets across to the right employee, at the right place, at the right time, so you’re hyper-targeting, not guessing. hubEngage allows employees to learn pre, during and post work via gamification and social sharing. With gamification, museums can offer rewards, coupons and discounts for products in gift shops and cross-sell with participating sponsors, helping monetize and offset costs. Plan interactive scavenger hunts and curated mobile training tours that give employees more insight and engagement opportunities with the material. The augmented reality feature allows users to scan art pieces or exhibits to watch videos and get additional information. All these behaviors and feedback are collected upon exit and visitors may be rewarded with an incentive for learning. Use the interactive photo-sharing tool to turn your employees into a instant brand ambassadors and a marketing channel for your institution, making it the round trip destination of choice for visitors and a top place to work for employees.
With a hubEngage powered app, museum and library employees can…
  • Receive push notifications for important news, event updates, policies, training, etc.
  • Check for schedule updates
  • Access curated tours
  • Check estimated attraction wait times
  • View heat maps and see what's trending in the museum right now
  • Find locations with wayfinding maps (exhibits, services, shops, offices, kiosks, etc.)
  • Get coupons/discounts from insitution service providers
  • Interact with other employees via instant messaging, gamification, sharing stories
  • Play while they learn with quizzes, surveys, scavenger hunts and more
  • Share experiences, rewards and perks on social channels
  • View out of venue "know before you go" interactions and incentives
  • Watch streaming videos and seasonal content
  • Receive relevant content via location based technology and employee segmentation
  • Much, much more!
The hubEngage difference

Relevant targeting

Push relevant content based on user individual behavior, location and analytics


Use geofences and beacons to trigger content at the right time and place


Understand your user better through deep insights and custom metrics

Easy to manage

Intuitive dashboard makes tactical deployment fast and easy to manage

Available built-in features

News, Events & Info with Push Notifications

Surveys, Quizzes, Training & Gamification

Group & Individual Instant Messaging (with search)

Location Awareness & Segmentation

Rewards & Recognition Redemption

Mapping, Wayfinding & Interactive Tours

Exclusive technology
Use our free mobile app template, specifically designed for museum and library employees, quickly customizable with your brand and content.

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