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The Premier Communications Platform for CPG Employees

 HubEngage Has The Solutions You Need

Streamline communications, get feedback and motivate your employees.

Leverage intelligent automation, advanced segmentation, deep analytics, optional gamification, and integrated gift cards.

Reach 100% of your workforce wherever they are through mobile apps, web, email, and digital displays on our platform.

Learn more: Read how CPG companies leverage employee engagement apps to drive brand advocacy.

Driving Change Using Engagement Analytics for the CPG Industry

Alan Bresgi is Head of People Engagement at Rothmans, Benson & Hedges РA subsidiary of Philip Morris International. Alan talks to us about why they needed a platform to connect with their employees that went a step further than legacy communication tools that were being used previously. 

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Reach Everyone Everywhere

Web / Intranet
SMS Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Digital Displays

Empowering CPG companies, worldwide, to engage with their employees in a way that drives optimal productivity and ROI.

Helping CPG companies develop premium products by developing their employee knowledgebase through increased engagement and advanced communications

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Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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