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Make Sure Your Content Gets Through With Automated Email Notifications

Email notification for employee communications

Mobile Apps?


TV Screens?

Make Sure Employees Don't Miss a Beat with Automated Emails

A Full Email Capability to Reach Employees Asynchronously at Their Convenience

Plenty of options for you to decide how to design your email outreach program.

Create Branded Emails For Employee Communications
Create beautiful, branded emails that showcase all your great content
Push Emails To Promote Content
Push emails on-demand for important content you want them to tap or click on
Schedule Weekly Digest Emails
Schedule weekly digests that only show content each employee missed

Flexible Email Designs with a Proven Employee Experience that Grabs Attention

HubEngage’s email platform complements your mobile apps, intranets and TV screens with a familiar design that reflects your own organization’s brand identity standards.

Automatically push only the most relevant content that your employees have not yet engaged with, so that they have a chance to catch up at their convenience.

Define employee segments that get emails (for example office desk employees versus manufacturing employees).  

email notifications for employee communications

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Mobile Apps
Digital Displays

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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