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Powerful AI Chatbot for Enterprise

Enable ChatGPT like AI Chatbot for your employees. Sync data from multiple sources and provide easy to understand answers based on relevance. Connect all your platforms so your users can take all actions from one place.

Use it standalone or embed into your existing applications. Get deep insights into what your employees are looking for. Fully secure and encrypted.

ChatGPT for enterprise. AI Chatbot for Companies

Enterprise AI Chatbot

Unlike most ChatGPT based AI Chatbots HubEngage’s AI Bot is designed for the enterprise. Our AI Chatbot is easy to deploy. It can be used as a standalone search and knowledge discovery App or plugged in to any of your existing platforms or Apps. It is hosted in the cloud, secure and integrates seamlessly with your internal systems. No IT required.

Full Branded

Fully branded

AI Chatbot fully branded to your company on both desktop and mobile.



Secure and fully encrypted. ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant



Hosted in the cloud but highly configurable. Scales with employees as you grow



Connect your systems effortlessly. (Websites, Internal Apps, SSO, HRIS, etc.)

Ask in Natural Language like ChatGPT

With our AI Chatbot, employees can ask questions just like they ask a human and get relevant answers back along with attribution to the sources that were used to form the answer. Users can ask follow up questions and expand on conversations as well.

Sync Multiple Data Sources

Sync all your data sources into HubEngage – Document repositories (Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive), LMS, Knowledge Bases, Support Sites, Help Desks, Websites and more. Our AI search can automatically scan through all your data and present relevant answers combining information from multiple sources.

Security and Relevance Built In

We understand that in an enterprise not every employee has access to every document. Our AI Chatbot has security and relevance built-in to provide the most accurate answer to employees based on documents they have access to. You can manage information access from our easy to use Admin Portal.

Connect your Platforms to Drive Actions

Eliminate the need for your employees to access multiple platforms and increase productivity. Our AI Chatbot can not only provide relevant answers but also lets employee take actions like applying for a leave, filing a ticket, submitting a form, viewing a colleagues profile or messaging a team member. 

Enable Knowledge Discovery

HubEngage’s AI Search automatically scans all your data to generate relevant questions and topic groups. Enable suggestions and trending questions to help employees with frequently asked questions and show topics of interest. Help employees discover information and learn.

Deep Insights and Analytics

Get all the insights you need including information on top users, locations and departments. Know the popular sources, questions and topics of interest. Find gaps in your data and drive communications to close the loopholes.

Use Standalone or Embed in your Apps

HubEngage’s AI Chatbot can be accessed standalone on Desktop and Mobile, or embedded into your existing website, apps, SharePoint or MS Teams. Our AI Chatbot is available no matter where your employees are.

Safe and secure

Your data is secure and backed up in a private enterprise grade cloud. Our AI Chatbot comes with ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Add-On Hubs

Enhance the AI Chatbot with our hubs to drive engagement. Pick and choose add-on hubs to engage your users.

Let Us Show You

Companies of all sizes trust HubEngage

Manufacturing, Great Dane:

We were able to be aggressive and launch in about six weeks and from there the engagement with us for any issues, helping us get menus and content populated–it’s been a great experience

Great Dane

Healthcare, Thundermist Health Center:

Having the employee app, using HubEngage, has been a huge improvement in the company’s culture and has improved communication as well. We have received a lot of feedback from employees saying that they absolutely love that we have the app.


Services, ERC BPO:

There were a couple of times that we were breaking what the platform was meant to do–HubEngage did not look at it as a static product, here you have it–now go make the best of it. It’s that type of partnership that goes along with the technology that really strengthens the buy in from our side, that the team supporting us at HubEngage wanted us to see what we’ve envisioned in our heads. You don’t get that as much with companies we’ve worked with in the past. That was one of the reasons we chose HubEngage and stayed.


Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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