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Secure Instant Messaging app for team communication

Move your employees off of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and other apps where you don’t have control or own the data.

Deploy your own secure team communication apps for individual and group messaging. Get full control and own all your data. Integrate with your internal systems and SSO.

Improve internal communications with the HubEngage Team Communication App. Enable employees to send messages to each other and in groups

A chat app for work

Unlike most apps for team communication or group communication apps, HubEngage’s instant messaging app is designed for employees to communicate effectively with each other or in groups. Our App is simple (no casual / non-work related consumer features) yet functional with all the features necessary for work – text formatting and sharing of documents, links and media.

Our team communication app is quick to deploy, fully branded to your company, hosted in the cloud, secure and integrates seamlessly with your internal systems. No IT required.

Full Branded

Fully branded

Your company branded apps for team communication on desktop and mobile



Secure and fully encrypted. ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant



Hosted in the cloud but highly configurable. Scales with employees as you grow



Connect your systems effortlessly. (SSO, HRIS, Payroll, etc.)

Branded team communication app

Our instant messaging team communication App can be fully branded to your organization with your brand colors, logo and menus. We also offer your company branded Apps in iOS App store and Android Google Play if you need to go further.

Improve internal communications with the HubEngage Team Communication App. Enable employees to send messages to each other and in groups
Employees can share information and communicate better in real time through an instant messaging App for Team Communication

Peer to peer individual messaging

When our instant messaging app platform is integrated with your HRIS or Payroll, employees can quickly search for their colleagues by name, title, department or location in order to send private messages to each other. Messages can be formatted and include documents, links or media.

Group communication made easy

Need group communication apps that work? Look no further. Our instant messaging app cuts all the clutter from consumer instant messaging apps and makes it easy for your employees to communicate – whether it is group messaging teams or creating new groups based on topics of interest, project or function, its as simple as 1-2-3.

Create groups based on interests or function like sales, marketing, location so employees can collaborate better and share information
Format messages with font styles like bold, italics, bullets and more in the HubEngage Team Communication App

Messages with rich text and markdown

Our instant messaging team communication app lets you get creative and also more productive. With our markdown support, send formatted messages in bold, italics, headers, quotes, code and more.

Share documents, media and more

Take your team communications to the next level with the ability to share documents, images, videos, links and more with you messages in the most secure environment.

Enable employees to share documents, media and links in the Team Communication App.
HubEngage team communication app is secure and compliant with ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR

Safe and secure

Your data is secure and backed up in a private enterprise grade cloud for compliance needs, chat logs and certification. Our instant messaging app platform comes with ISO 270001, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Access app anywhere on mobile or desktop

Access messaging through mobile Apps for iOS and Android, desktop Apps for Windows, Mac and Linux or through our responsive Website. Whether you are in the office or working remotely, messaging is available anywhere you need.

HubEngage Instant Messaging App for team communication is available on iOS, Android and Web making it easy for employees to access from anywhere anytime.

Add-On Hubs

We understand that different organizations have different needs and challenges to solve. HubEngage’s instant messaging app for team communication can be extended with other hubs to drive engagement. 

Pick and choose add-on modules depending on what you need and how you want to engage your users.

Let Us Show You

Communicate across multiple channels

Extend the reach of your communications and drive even more engagement by enabling employee communications through other channels like Mobile Apps, Emails, Text Messaging and Digital Displays.

Companies of all sizes trust HubEngage

Manufacturing, Great Dane:

We were able to be aggressive and launch in about six weeks and from there the engagement with us for any issues, helping us get menus and content populated–it’s been a great experience

Great Dane

Healthcare, Thundermist Health Center:

Having the employee app, using HubEngage, has been a huge improvement in the company’s culture and has improved communication as well. We have received a lot of feedback from employees saying that they absolutely love that we have the app.


Services, ERC BPO:

There were a couple of times that we were breaking what the platform was meant to do–HubEngage did not look at it as a static product, here you have it–now go make the best of it. It’s that type of partnership that goes along with the technology that really strengthens the buy in from our side, that the team supporting us at HubEngage wanted us to see what we’ve envisioned in our heads. You don’t get that as much with companies we’ve worked with in the past. That was one of the reasons we chose HubEngage and stayed.


Learn more about instant messaging app

Download our Instant Messaging App brochure to learn more

Get insights

Learn more about the benefits of an instant messaging app, different types of platforms for internal communication and how to deploy them in an organisation.

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Download our instant messaging app brochure with complete lists of features

Instant messaging app for team communication FAQs

Yes, you can get only the instant messaging App for team communication. All the other modules and channels in our employee engagement platform are optional add-ons and will help implement a holistic employee engagement strategy while saving you costs by eliminating multiple tools.

Our instant messaging is very similar to emails. Just like emails, where you can’t monitor individual emails between employees, you will not be able to monitor all the instant messages sent in your team communication app. However, you own all the data and if there is any audit or legal requirement to access the information, you can request the data from us at any time.

Yes, our instant messaging app for teams has a desktop app that you can install. Additionally, you can access the app from any browser or download native mobile apps as well. Push notifications work on browsers, desktop app and mobile apps.

You can download the HubEngage employee app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play. We also offer a fully branded company app that you can distribute to your employees as well.

We offer encryption in transit and at rest i.e. when the messages are stored in our database. However, we do not offer end to end encryption of messages because as employers we believe you should have access to your data and be able to see it when you need to for audit, compliance or legal purposes.

Our team communication app can be branded to your company, configured and deployed in 2 – 3 days. In cases where you need a fully branded company App in the App store and Google Play, it may take 5 – 7 business days..

Our team of experts will be by your side from setting up the app right through the roll out and help you along the way.

Our instant messaging app for teams is super affordable and designed to meet the budget needs of every type of customer, no matter how small or large you are. We offer monthly, annual, and multi-year contract pricing with more discounts for longer commitments. Our sales team can give you a detailed proposal based on the number of employees you have. Click here to book a demo.

Our instant messaging team communication app is simple and easy to use without all the clutter and features that come with Slack or MS Teams. Our App also costs approx 3 times less than Slack or MS Teams.

Additionally, by adding on hubs for organizational communication, employee recognition, employee surveys, and social engagement, you can consolidate multiple platforms to deliver holistic engagement for your employees . We are also the only platform to offer multi-channel capability so you can reach your users via web, native mobile Apps, emails, text messaging and digital displays.

We want you to focus on what is important to you – communicating with your employees. We offer integrations with most HRIS and Payroll platforms like ADP, Ultipro (UKG), Workday, etc. to sync and manage your users.

We differentiate ourselves in 3 areas – Product, Technical Support, and Engagement Support. From a product point of view, we are the only platform in the market to offer all the features and automation needed to implement an efficient engagement strategy. Our technical team provides the best support out there to help you deploy the platform and integrate with your systems quickly without nickel and diming your every request. Lastly, once you deploy, our engagement support team meets with you monthly to help you with best practices and customisation so you can get the most out of our platform. That’s an unbeatable value.

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

Employee Engagement and Communication Platform
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