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A Simple, Convenient Employee Instant Messaging Platform

HubEngage’s secure employee instant messaging platform allows companies of any size the ability to create a channel for employees to communicate on without the hassle of maintaining a third–party system or integration.

Get your employees off of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and other platforms with your own, private, secure instant messaging platform where YOU own all your data and are in full control.

Secure Messaging Experience for Enterprises

More and more companies are moving to private, secure, internal instant messaging for their employees by moving away from texting, whatsApp, Facebook messenger etc.

Peer to Peer or Group Employee Instant Messaging

Employees can quickly message each other privately or create groups based on topics of interest to have a conversation to maximize communication and productivity.

Our Instant Messaging Hub Is An Alternative To

Workplace from Meta (Facebook Workplace), DarwinBox, Google Workplace, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Webex App, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Sharepoint, HCL Connections, Salesforce Chatter, Staffbase, and more.

Facebook Workplace
Microsoft Team
Microsoft Sharepoint
and more

Messages with Rich Text and Markdown

With our markdown support, send formatted messages in bold, italics, headers, quotes, code and more. Get creative and more productive with your messages.

Share Documents, Media and More

Take your instant messaging to the next level with the ability to share documents, images, videos, links and more in the most secure environment.

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Your data is secure and backed up in a private enterprise grade cloud for compliance needs, chat logs and certification. Ask us about how we can incorporate your custom compliance in the platform

Access Anywhere on Mobile or Desktop

Access messaging through mobile Apps for iOS and Android, desktop Apps for Windows, Mac and Linux or through our responsive Website. Whether you are in the office or working remotely, messaging is available anywhere you need.

Download Our Employee Instant Messaging Platform Brochure To Learn More

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Web / Intranet
SMS Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Digital Displays

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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