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An Enterprise-Grade Intranet Platform For All Your Employees

HubEngage Intranet Platform

Enhance the Employee Experience with a Customized Intranet Platform

HubEngage’s intranet platform provides a rich and multi-layered communications experience for employees that prefer using desktop computers so that they stay in the know throughout their workday.

The platform connects entire organizations and is seamlessly integrated with engagement tools like forms, surveys, quizzes, instant messaging, social, and more. With an intuitive, user-friendly design, our platform makes getting the right information fast, easier to access. Using features like on screen push notifications means your employees won’t miss a beat. 

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An Easy to Access Intranet That Provides All the Information Right to Your Desktop

Designed to create a rewarding and informative employee communication experience.

HubEngage Intranet engaging interface

Create an engaging interface with our fully configurable UX/UI templates

HubEngage's Intranet is easy to navigate

Organize all your content in easy to use and navigate experience

HubEngage's Intuitive Intranet

An intuitive intranet that allows employees to be informed and communicate

Perfect, Seamless Integrations

Our experts will help you work with your legacy IT and HRIS systems to integrate content streams directly into your intranet platform.

Distribute all your existing as well as new content and manage it on either platform, so it’s the same wherever you create it. Our technology is designed to consume and distribute content as required.

We partner with your IT teams to make sure integrations and consolidation of existing tools into one seamless experience happens fast and easily. Whether you have simple systems or more complex API driven databases, our knowledgeable teams have the experience and strategies to take what you have and plug it in the right way.

HubEngage Integrations

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Web / Intranet
SMS Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Digital Displays

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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