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Seamless integrations for all your hegacy HR systems

All your content and user authentication requirements met with seamless integrations

HubEngage’s integrations are designed to seamlessly fit with just about any existing legacy system, for user authentication, content management, and intranets, for a fluid information flow across platforms.

Our solution can consume data from APIs and export any data via APIs to implement four types of integrations. And in cases where any custom employee communications platform integrations may be required, our team of development experts can scope those out for you!

Take a look at all our integrations so far.


Our integrations are designed to connect to any authentication provider that supports SAML 2.0. Whether it’s an active directory, google apps, or any other provider with SAML 2.0 support, users can use a login that they already have in your company. If you do not have a SAML 2.0 authentication provider, you can use a HubEngage login as well and configure verification options to validate and authenticate a user.

User sync

We integrate with any HCM, Payroll, or HR software to sync user information through APIs or through exported files. Set user attributes based on how you want to segment users to target content and notifications. User attributes are automatically updated in real-time.

Content sync

Our solution is capable of working with any platform that publishes content through RSS feeds or publishes data through an API.

Activity sync (via webhooks and middleware)

Any activity on the HubEngage platform can be pushed to other platforms through an event-based consumer and a middle-ware that can access the third-party systems.

From reward claims to form fills and leave requests, information added onto the HubEngage platform can be pushed and submitted into your systems with the help of an API.  If there are no APIs available for your system, the HubEngage middle-ware can integrate directly with your system’s database or other storage to transfer the information.


Download the HubEngage platform integrations brochure to learn more

Engage across multiple channels

Our multichannel approach with mobile apps, web-based intranet, emails, text messaging and digital displays helps you reach and engage 100% of your employee population anytime, anywhere.

Pick the solutions you need to engage

HubEngage's employee engagement platform allows for companies of all sizes to solve for their unique needs from communications to recognitions to employee feedback.

Pick one or pick all based on your need.

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

Employee Engagement and Communication Platform
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