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Reach Your Workforce Anytime, Anywhere, With Employee Mobile Apps

employee communications mobile app

93% of the Global Workforce Uses a Smartphone for Work Every Day

With the majority of employees resorting to their mobile devices for information, HubEngage’s employee communication mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure that all your content and communication get delivered right into the palms of every employees’ hands. Push notifications make sure important content gets attention. 

With flexible deployment options, branded designs, and best practices user interfaces, your employee mobile app will be seamless and easy to access, making the entire experience informative, fun, and rewarding as well.

Optimize Your Employee Experience with Flexible Design Options

Design and maintain the look of all your employee communications mobile apps.


Build apps that maintain and promote brand identity standards


Organize your content in categorized menus and sub-menus


Deep employee segmentation tools creates personalized experiences

Push Notification Options

Use flexible, customizable push notifications to get your content noticed and employees engaged.

It’s as easy as creating your content and sending an instant push notification or scheduling notifications over time.

You can even run a push notification campaign to engage employees who have not interacted with the content yet, so the messaging gets through.

HubEngage Employee Communications Platform

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Digital Displays
Email Campaigns

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.


Employee App Advantages

Still on the fence about the benefits of a mobile employee app for your business? Think about it this way: 93% of the world’s workforce uses mobile phones for work every day. Even in places with strict “no-tech” rules in the workplace, employees still feel more comfortable having their mobile phones close by.

The HubEngage employee app has worked wonders for businesses from various industries, benefiting both employers and employees. Our clients enjoy the following benefits from using an employee app to communicate and engage with their workforce, and it’s about time you start enjoying them too.

Keep Your Workforce Engaged

You hear the term “employee engagement” all the time, but what does it mean? Simply put, employees who are engaged feel enthusiastic and passionate about their work and the company they work for, as opposed to just waiting for the clock to hit 5 pm each day.

Engaged employees perform better and are more excited about the company succeeding. Employee apps give your workforce the connection they need to feel like they are genuinely a part of the company.

Improve Office Culture Through Positive Communication

Great office culture has often been compared to a boat, where all the members are rowing in the same direction. It is believed that if a company has a healthy work culture, all members of the organization, regardless of rank, are unified in vision, goals, and ideals. 

Having a central hub for communication where every member is accessible helps employees connect with each other better. Workforce engagement is all about developing relationships with your employees by connecting with them on an individual level. Additionally, workforce engagement is also about your employees developing relationships with each other and an employee app gives them the platform to do so. 

Keep Employees Updated on Company Matters

Let’s be honest – reading company emails can sometimes be a drag. Disseminating information throughout the company has always been difficult— unless you have a good, modern solution.

Mobile employee apps provide an easy way to notify your employees about the latest news, announcements, and policy changes quickly via their smartphones. And since this communications hub can be customized to fit your company’s organization, you can send company content to targeted audiences and notify them when new content is live and available on the app. 

Encourage Continuous Project Momentum

Accessible and instant communications are integral to a smooth and continuous project flow. Task turnover, delegation, and succession are made more accessible when each team member is connected to one another. You don’t have to suffer through long waiting times waiting for a team member to reply to your message or to confirm receipt of their tasks. You can finish your task, hand it over to the next person and have peace of mind knowing they have it covered.

Support A Hybrid Work Model And  Remote Workplace

The modern workplace has evolved from the traditional workplace we know of from decades ago. Now, employees are a mixture of office workers on their desks, field agents on the move, and work-from-home employees who could be working from their laptops from across the globe. If running around the office floor while looking for a particular employee was the fastest form of communication ages ago, this won’t work in today’s modern workforce.

Mobile communication apps have been adapted to support the modern working conditions to ensure that slow and rigid communication options do not bog down your employees. If work setups can be flexible and adaptive, so should your tools and resources.

Keep Communications Clean Under One Channel

Email is great – it has ensured the survival and growth of many businesses over the years, but when it comes to internal communications, and the evolution of today’s workforce, you need a communications platform that can keep up with it. Written memos, bulletin boards, emails, and phone calls – while having several communication channels mean there’s something for everyone, too many channels increase the risk of something getting ignored or unread. With the employee app you ensure an official communications channel that is easily accessible and most used. 

The HubEngage Difference

With a mobile employee communications platform, you can easily manage remote teams, keep projects going and bridge the gap between management and the rest of your team. With so many employee communications apps in the market, why choose HubEngage? 

Excellent After-Sales Support

We don’t leave you in limbo once the deal is done. We know that even the most user-friendly app needs time for training and integration. Our team of experts will be by your side from setting up right through to execution of your engagement and communications strategy. We’re always here to answer your questions or guide you through the app’s many features.

Extensive Online Knowledgebase

Want to learn more about employee engagement in your own time? Or maybe you just want to keep up-to-date with the latest in employee communications trends. Our blog has all the resources you need from guides, the latest trends, and even helpful tips in employee engagement and company culture.

User-Friendly Interface

We want your employees to feel at ease with this new technology. People generally tend to shun changes, thinking it’s additional work on their part. Our app can keep up with the most tech-savvy employees but is simple enough to accommodate those who are not well-versed in new technology. Quick loading times, accessible menus, and easy navigation make the app a joy to have around.

Customized Employee Experience

We know that each member of your organization plays a unique role in the growth and development of your business, which is why our app gives users the ability to customize it according to their needs and preferences. Users can personalize app notifications on their own devices so that their user experience aligns with what they are used to. 

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