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Celebrate Milestones, Recognize Achievements and Reward with Gift Cards. Motivate Employees and Increase Engagement.

Replace one-off recognition tools such as WorkHuman, OC Tanner Bonusly and others by consolidating the experience into a complete employee communications platform.

Automate Your Milestone Recognitions

Whether it is birthdays, work anniversaries or any other milestone, set it up and forget. Our platform will automatically send out recognitions to your employees along with points or gift cards if enabled.

Automate your milestone recognitions
Recognize for achievements

Recognize For Achievements

Use our templates or build your custom employee recognition program by creating that aligns with your values and mission. Recognize your employees for their contributions or when they achieve their goals.

Drive Peer to Peer Recognitions

A simple thank you or appreciation from a colleague goes a long way in building great teams. Enable your employees to recognize each other through our platform

Drive peer to peer recognitions
Incentivize with points and gift cards

Incentivize with Points and Gift Cards

Give points not only for recognitions but for participation from other employees as well to get holistic engagement. Points can later be used to redeem rewards (through your provider) or gift cards on our platform.

Build Some Excitement

Enable employees to celebrate, applaud or comment on these recognitions so they can congratulate and appreciate. Encourage participation with points which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Build some excitement
Push notify and email

Push Notify and Email

Send push notifications and emails to notify your employees that they are recognized. Show the recognitions on digital displays for more publicity.

Analyze and Track

Identify employees who are recognizing and motivating their colleagues. With our proprietary Recognition Score track and know where and who your top performing employees are.

Analyze and track
Recognition Platform Alternatives

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Mobile Apps
Digital Displays
Email Campaigns

Why Employee Recognition?

HubEngage’s Employee Recognition Hub allows employers to develop the means and strategies to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity by providing incentives and visual recognition for excellent work performance.

The hub gives employers access to the following tools and resources:

  • Incentivize good work performance through rewards such as gift cards, coupons, and others
  • Celebrate your employees’ milestones and special days
  • Allow your employees to recognize and appreciate their co-workers for a better collaborative environment
  • Give them the proper tools to provide a constant source of motivation and build a sense of comradery 

It’s no secret that a happy employee is a loyal and productive employee. By giving your employees rewards for great work, giving them a platform to voice their opinions, and letting them know that you value them as a person, you end up with a workforce that values your company’s success as much as you do.

The Importance of Employee Recognition

HubEngage gives you the necessary tools to acknowledge, hear and see your employees for who they are. Sadly, many employers still don’t recognize the importance of employee recognition and delay investing in the necessary tools and resources needed.

At HubEngage, we know that employee recognition is an essential factor in business growth and success, and its effects run deeper than just making your employees feel good about themselves.

Increase Employee Retention

According to the latest report published by the Bureau of Labor, around one-third of new hires quit their jobs in just six months. A resounding 76% said that they would look for another job if they didn’t feel valued and appreciated in the workplace.

Our Employee Recognition Hub allows employers to recognize their employees for their work. It also gives them a platform to incentivize said work by providing employees with rewards in the form of gift cards, discounts, and more.

Employee Recognition = Employee Engagement

One of the ways employees are engaged is when they feel connected to their work and the people they work with. When engaged, employees take pride in their performance and think that the company’s success is their own success.

What better way to apply this mindset than by ensuring that employees get what they deserve when they do a good job? If they do well, it contributes to the company’s success. So if the company succeeds, they should also enjoy the fruits of their labor. When your employees see that the higher-ups appreciate a job well done, they’ll strive to do better in the future.

The hub allows you to give rewards and incentives for stellar performance, which is proven to be an effective tactic to boost employee engagement thereby motivating them to dedicate themselves to doing more than just substandard work.

Recognition Fosters Better Work Culture

Sometimes, it’s not just about recognition. Yes, appreciating your employees for a job well done is a great way to bring out the best in them, but does that mean you only see them when they achieve something?

Of course not! Our recognition hub allows employers to see and hear their employees for who they are regardless of performance. The hub will enable you to connect with employees on a day-to-day basis. Congratulate an employee on their wedding day or welcome them back when they return from maternity leave. You can greet them on their birthdays and celebrate special occasions with them.

This instills the idea that your employees are being seen, that the management cares for them as people, and are a valued part of the organization. Things like this may seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way in developing employee loyalty and growing a people-focused culture for your company.

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