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Celebrate Milestones, Recognize Achievements and Reward with Gift Cards. Motivate Employees and Increase Engagement.

Automate Your Milestone Recognitions

Whether it is birthdays, work anniversaries or any other milestone, set it up and forget. Our platform will automatically send out recognitions to your employees along with points or gift cards if enabled.

Automate your milestone recognitions
Recognize for achievements

Recognize For Achievements

Use our templates or build your custom employee recognition program by creating that aligns with your values and mission. Recognize your employees for their contributions or when they achieve their goals.

Drive Peer to Peer Recognitions

A simple thank you or appreciation from a colleague goes a long way in building great teams. Enable your employees to recognize each other through our platform

Drive peer to peer recognitions
Incentivize with points and gift cards

Incentivize with Points and Gift Cards

Give points not only for recognitions but for participation from other employees as well to get holistic engagement. Points can later be used to redeem rewards (through your provider) or gift cards on our platform.

Build Some Excitement

Enable employees to celebrate, applaud or comment on these recognitions so they can congratulate and appreciate. Encourage participation with points which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Build some excitement
Push notify and email

Push Notify and Email

Send push notifications and emails to notify your employees that they are recognized. Show the recognitions on digital displays for more publicity.

Analyze and Track

Identify employees who are recognizing and motivating their colleagues. With our proprietary Recognition Score track and know where and who your top performing employees are.

Analyze and track

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Mobile Apps
Digital Displays
Email Campaigns
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