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Get in-depth insights, best practices, hear first hand from our guest speakers and industry luminaries as well as hands on tutorials on how to create the bests employee experience for your workforce in our webinar series. Bookmark this page and check in often to see updated events in the schedule below, or view recorded past webinars at your convenience. 

Planning for a 2021 Employee Experience Platform for Communications and Engagement

October 16th, 2020 - 2pm ET

So you’ve decided that your company needs a better way to communicate to employees in 2021. Where do you start and how can you effectively plan for it?

This past year has taught us all the painful lessons of adapting to a remote working environment in a pinch. With so much uncertainty that still remains, it makes sense to put a communications system in place that allows you to communicate no matter what the future holds. 

In this informative webinar, we’ll cover the basics on how to effectively plan for a comprehensive employee experience platform that covers all the bases of communications. 

Learn how to…

  • Budget and allocate resources to support an employee communications app platform
  • Get corporate sponsorship and win over peers and leadership–sell the platform internally for approvals
  • Get your ducks in row for managing a platform, including IT, stakeholder and compliance standards
  • Learn how to put a basic 90 day development plan in place, from picking the right technology vendor to going live across the enterprise
  • Best practices on internal communications BEFORE launching a digital platform–getting everyone aligned and excited for what’s to come
  • Maintaining the platform, growing adoption and engagement over time and deploying enhancements along the journey

Moderated by Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement, HubEngage


Leading in Uncertain Times with an Employee Communications App Platform

October 29th, 2020 - 2pm ET

Join us as we explore how executives are leading their diverse workforces with effective employee communications platforms. 

We will examine how some of the best companies in the world are informing, inspiring, recognizing and motivating their employees to stay engaged and focused in the most challenging of business environments. 

Hear great case studies on how to lead using technology:

  • Using digital platforms to reach a wide audience, as well as foster one-on-one communications
  • Getting your message across: how to extend your mission, vision and values when you can;t gather face-to -face
  • Inspiring your people to stay focused and engaged: tools you can use today that help retain your people, capturing their hearts and minds

Moderated by Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement, HubEngage


Past Webinars

Missed the live event? No problem, we have you covered. Check out past employee communications platform live webinars below and stream an instant replay at your convenience.

Leveraging an Employee Experience Platform for Effective Communications in Uncertain Times

Recorded Live on September 24th, 2020 - 2pm ET

In today’s uncertain working environment, communicating and engaging your employees in an effective, productive manner is more important than ever. 

Join us for an informative free webinar where we’ll examine how the work environment has changed across all industries, from blue collar to white collar workforces, and how the race to reach everyone with vital communications is in full gear. 

  • We will examine specific industries as well as hone in on ideas and best practices to create a winning strategy
  • How to leverage technology in a multi-channel employee experience platform  
  • How to consolidate all your tactics and reach EVERYONE in one platform across intranets, mobile and web apps
  • See best practices on how some of the world’s most innovative companies are getting the job done
  • Ask our expert panel questions and let us show you how you can overcome common communications obstacles 

Moderated by Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement, HubEngage

Instant Replay Coming Soon!

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