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Service employee goals effortlessly in the

hospitality sector

In Hospitality, ensuring your employees meet their objectives is crucial for delivering exceptional guest experiences and maintaining operational excellence. HubEngage offers you strategies, tools, and insights tailored specifically to streamline processes, enhance employee performance, and elevate your organization’s success in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Ensure excellence by enhancing employee engagement


and reach your entire cross-border workforce simultaneously


and help your staff feel heard, valued, and included in the big picture


and foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and speed


and create an ecosystem where goal- orientated mindsets can bloom


based on in-depth employee analytics and credible insights that are accessible  on demand

Help your teams remain motivated and focused

Understanding that your employees are individuals, not just statistics on a performance chart, is crucial for any hospitality company. Similarly, your employees crave environments that support their development and offer meaningful incentives. Therefore, adopting a holistic approach to employee engagement becomes imperative. It’s essential to tackle any barriers that could hinder aligning employees with the company’s values and goals. With a decade of experience in staff engagement, HubEngage assures a comprehensive 360-degree transformation in aligning your workforce with your company’s values and people-centered objectives.

Employee Nurturing Values Tailored for the Hospitality Sector:

  • Transparent communication channels prevent misunderstandings.
  • Instant messaging, announcements, and forums facilitate clarity.
  • “Read Acknowledgement” feature ensures clarity.
  • Leaders support team success through innovative features.
  • Real-time progress discussions and feedback.
  • Virtual collaboration drives innovation and productivity.
  • AI-enabled platforms promote autonomy and accountability.
  • Participation analytics enable confident task management.
  • Cultivates a culture of innovation and agility.
  • Ethics training via three-way communication channels.
  • Policy promotion through a centralized hub.
  • Anonymous reporting promotes transparency and accountability.
  • Multi-channel communications foster open dialogue.
  • Gamified recognition validates employees’ efforts.
  • Instant feedback mechanism provides clarity.
  • Email campaigns communicate updates and achievements.
  • Digital displays showcase employee contributions.
  • Reinforces morale and self-esteem.
Values Tailored

See what our hospitality clients have to say about Hubengage

Extended Stay America

The biggest thing that stood out in our mind was the flexibility and the customer service the programmers for your site were easily able to adapt to the needs of our business I felt that the development process for the app and the tool was very painless and we really felt that the support and the knowledge of the of the site through your team really made a difference.


The Catered Affair

We selected HubEngage to foster a culture characterized by teamwork and excitement. The platform’s features empower us to enhance communication and engagement, contributing to a workplace environment that values and embraces every team member



Get the same results for your organization.

Schedule a demo and let us drive you through our platform’s result-oriented features and advantages.


To summarize it in one line, “HubEngage is THE BEST EMPLOYEE PLATFORM in the world”.
Here’s why – “Because HubEngage offers what no other platform in the domain does.”
9 custom-built modules in one app: Communications, Recognition, Surveys, Forms, Quizzes, Events, Emails, SMS, Chat, Digital Display, and AI.

HubEngage offers end-to-end customization, enabling you to personalize each aspect of the platform according to your organization’s distinct needs. Whether it’s branding, features, targeting, segmentation, automation, analytics, communications, or notifications, HubEngage can be finely adjusted to seamlessly integrate with your business objectives.

HubEngage integrates with all your legacy systems and tools commonly used in the manufacturing industry. No matter what system you want to integrate, it can be done.

HubEngage is the first and the only employee platform so far to offer Generative-AI as an inbuilt feature. This feature lets app admins create professional content in seconds without worrying about tone, grammar, choice of words, vocabulary, or anything else.

HubEngage automates content in real-time in 28 international languages. Irrespective of what language you publish content, it will show in real-time in the user’s preferred language on their devices.
What’s more… Any new language you need, HubEngage can have it up and running in less than a week.

We take data security and compliance seriously at HubEngage. Our platform is built with robust security features and undergoes regular audits to ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations. Access our security certifications here.

At HubEngage, we understand that the retail industry often involves working in challenging and high-stress environments – especially in terms of customer satisfaction and sales targets. This presents various mental wellness challenges for employees. To ensure their well-being, it’s crucial for HR and company leaders to prioritize wellness measures. This includes staying informed about mental health standards, providing access to necessary breaks and relaxing equipment, and conducting regular workplace stress management training. HubEngage offers various channels to facilitate all of the above. Book a Demo today to learn more on how you too can promote a secure and healthy work environment for all auto industry workers.

HubEngage offers custom Demo Apps to all its client prospects. Additionally, we will customize the experience for you using your brand elements. So, you can experience the real platform across its capabilities “BEFORE” making the purchase decision.

Prospective clients of HubEngage can try the Demo App for as long as they want. Additionally, you can include as many admins as you need. Purchase only when you are truly happy with the potential results of the app.

HubEngage offers an uber-flexible subscription and pricing model which makes it affordable for large and small enterprises. Clients of HubEngage may choose to subscribe to individual modules and functionalities or the entire platform. The choice is entirely yours. We offer a pay-as-you-choose model.

HubEngage extends its services impartially to companies of all sizes. However, for optimal cost-effectiveness, it is advisable to have a user base of 100 or more.

Our committed support team is available around the clock, nearly 24/7, to assist you at every stage. Whether it’s initial setup, ongoing support, or training, we aim for rapid response times—within minutes during business hours and within 2 hours outside of those times. Discover what our clients have to say about HubEngage’s customer service. We’re dedicated to ensuring your success with HubEngage and are devoted to delivering exceptional customer support.

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