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Rated top text messaging software of 2022

Secure Employee Text Messaging system

Ensure that your message gets through by using text messaging to communicate with employees wherever they are.

Send out emergency alerts, important announcements and other updates. No mobile app or data connectivity needed.

Send important alerts and announcements to employees with an employee text messaging service / system for business

Text messaging service for business

Our text messaging service is built for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a large or small organization, you can quickly get started just by uploading your list of users and setting up your campaigns. 

HubEngage’s  text messaging / SMS service is secure and has the highest level of compliance required for enterprises. Our secure cloud hosted software allows you to manage users and run campaigns from anywhere.



Just upload your list and start running your campaigns



Secure and encrypted. ISO 270001, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR compliant.



Manage from anywhere, anytime. Available 24/7, no IT needed



Sync users effortlessly – MS Entra, HRIS, Payroll, CRM, etc.

Texting employees made easy

Texting your employees is the best way to reach them wherever they are – it is reliable, does not need installation of mobile apps or data connectivity. It works best in situations where you need to send out emergency alerts or important announcements.

With HubEngage, you can send text messages instantly or schedule them to go out at certain times.

HubEngage’s employee text messaging system enables employers to send messages to their employees from an easy to use dashboard.
With the HubEngage employee text messaging service for business you can create dynamic lists and target messages to relevant employees

Dynamic employee lists and segmentation

Send your text messages with high relevance. With our powerful segmentation tools you can dynamically segment your employees based on different criteria like location, department, cost-center, payroll and more. Our text messaging software automatically syncs with your HRIS, Payroll or CRM and moves users into the right lists. No more manual work!

Multi-language with auto-translation

Our employee text messaging system supports 14+ languages. Automatically translate your text messages into the preferred language of your employee and send it. Ensure that your message is read and understood.

Get more impact by sending text messages to employees in their preferred language.

Get deep insights meant for the enterprise

Our employee text messaging platform is designed to give you analytics that are relevant to the enterprise. You can not only know the open rates and track link clicks but our software goes much deeper by helping you slice the data breaking them down by segment, location, departments and more.

Our text messaging platform provides insights on your campaigns. Know who received the text and what action they took.

Extend your internal text / sms messaging communications

Pick and choose other modules to add to our email campaigns software so you can implement a more comprehensive internal communications strategy. Depending on your needs, each of the add-on modules can provide you with the functionality necessary to engage your employees.

Extend your text / sms messaging reach

Using text messaging to communicate with your employees is great in certain scenarios but it may not work if you want to keep your employees informed all the time. You can make sure your internal communications reach every employee and drive even more engagement by pushing the same communications through other channels like Intranet / Web, Mobile Apps, Email Campaigns and Digital Displays.

That’s why the world’s top companies trust HubEngage

Manufacturing, Great Dane:

We were able to be aggressive and launch in about six weeks and from there the engagement with us for any issues, helping us get menus and content populated–it’s been a great experience

Great Dane

Healthcare, Thundermist Health Center:

Having the employee app, using HubEngage, has been a huge improvement in the company’s culture and has improved communication as well. We have received a lot of feedback from employees saying that they absolutely love that we have the app.


Services, ERC BPO:

There were a couple of times that we were breaking what the platform was meant to do–HubEngage did not look at it as a static product, here you have it–now go make the best of it. It’s that type of partnership that goes along with the technology that really strengthens the buy in from our side, that the team supporting us at HubEngage wanted us to see what we’ve envisioned in our heads. You don’t get that as much with companies we’ve worked with in the past. That was one of the reasons we chose HubEngage and stayed.

Download our guide on text messaging service for business to learn how you can communicate with your employees effectively.

Download our bulk email campaigns brochure to learn more

Employee text messaging system FAQs

While our text messaging service is designed for employees, businesses can use it to send SMS / Text messages to external users like vendors, partners, suppliers, new talent, and others. With our advanced segmentation and personalization features, you can make sure text messages are targeted to the right users. Some of our customers also continue to engage employees who have left the organization so they can rehire them when the need arises. The possibilities are endless.

Our employee text messaging platform is super affordable and designed to meet the budget needs of every type of customer, no matter how small or large you are. We have a small annual fee and then you pay monthly based on your usage. Our sales team can give you a detailed proposal based on the number of users you want to send text messages to. Click here to book a demo.

Most text messaging systems offer static lists. You need to add or remove users manually which can take up a lot of your time in maintenance. HubEngage’s text messaging system is designed for the enterprises where you can create dynamic user lists based on advanced logic. For example users belonging to a certain location and department or pay group. When users change their location or department or any other attribute, they automatically move into different lists, making it fully automated and seamless.

Yes, you can use text messaging to communicate with your employees. Employees expect employers to communicate with them quickly, especially in cases of emergency. Moreover, since most wireless mobile plans today offer unlimited texting, your employees are not spending any money to receive text messages. We also offer an easy way for employees to unsubscribe from getting text messages if they want to opt-out.

No, your employees do not get charged for the text messages. Most wireless mobile plans today offer unlimited texting, so your employees are not spending any money to receive text messages. Employees can easily opt-out if they don’t want to receive text messages.

We want you to focus on what is important to you – communicating with your employees. We offer integrations with most HRIS and Payroll platforms like ADP, Ultipro (UKG), Workday, etc. to sync and manage your users.

We want you to be able to reach all your employees wherever they are and in the medium they are most comfortable with. You can extend the reach of your communication via text messaging by adding on native Mobile Apps, Web, Digital Displays and Email Campaigns. The advantage of picking one platform for multiple channels is the ability to streamline your employee communications channels, cut down on the repetitive work and analyze all data in one place.

Our text messaging system can be deployed in a day while integrations with your systems may take a few days depending on their complexity. In most cases, we can get you going in 1 – 2 weeks with full automation and integrations.

We differentiate ourselves in 3 areas – Product, Technical Support, and Engagement Support. When you connect all our hubs and channels, we are the only platform in the market to offer all the features and automation needed to implement an efficient communications strategy. Our technical team provides the best support out there to help you deploy the platform and integrate with your systems quickly without nickel and diming your every request. Lastly, once you deploy, our engagement support team meets with you monthly to help you with best practices and customization so you can get the most out of our platform. That’s an unbeatable value.

We believe that we succeed only when you succeed. While we provide a ton of templates in our platform to get you started, our engagement team also takes a very consultative approach with all of our customers to ensure that they are able to use our platform to the fullest. Our team will meet with you monthly to analyze the usage of the platform and share communication best practices with you so you can engage your employees better.

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

Employee Engagement and Communication Platform
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