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Graham Packaging Chooses HubEngage for their New Employee Communications Platform

Graham Packaging picks HubEngage Employee Communications and Engagement Platform

We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Graham Packaging to improve their employee experience with an all-new employee communications and engagement platform.

Graham Packaging is a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging. Their products include items that are likely already in your home — you just might not realize it. They work with some of the biggest brands in the world to provide them with innovative, creative, and sustainable packaging that meets the demands of today’s consumer. With 60+ locations worldwide, they are actively reshaping the future of
plastic packaging.

Graham Packaging At Graham, they realize the employee experience is not just about outstanding salaries and benefits. They are focused on the possibilities for a better product, a happier customer, and a cleaner world. In that spirit, they recognize that when their people work together, they can achieve great things. Part of that mission includes developing a great employee communication platform that will not only increase
engagement and productivity but also elevate the employee experience to a new level.

“We believe HubEngage will help our Graham family stay connected and informed by providing direct company communications; targeted communications for location- and team-specific information; peer-to-peer, bottom-up and top-down recognition with rewards; and internal social media allowing for employee uploaded content. It will enable us to break down traditional communication barriers to engage our corporate and plant teams, as well as our U.S. and international teams, together as one workforce. This will strengthen our company culture, as well as several of our business strategies. With the level of customization and ideal user experience HubEngage provides, we couldn’t be more excited to build our app and get it into the hands of our employees around the world.”

—Lisa Santin, Executive
VP of Human Resources, Graham Packaging

We are excited to embark on this journey with Graham Packaging and look forward to achieving remarkable milestones together. Stay tuned for updates as we work hand in hand to shape the future of manufacturing-employee communications!

Welcome Graham Packaging to HubEngage!

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