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Wakefit Enhances Employee Engagement with HubEngage

Wakefit chooses HubEngage as the best among employee apps in the Indian market

India’s favorite sleep solutions brand partners with HubEngage to transform its employee communications and engagement results. Wakefit, the leader in mattress and home furniture chose HubEngage as their preferred mobile and web platform after a thorough evaluation of similar apps available in the market.

HubEngage, with its customization, scalability, automation, integrations, and feature supremacy, stood out as the best solution out there for end-to-end employee engagement success. Additionally, HubEngage also facilitates real-time updates, company news, and seamless communication across locations and devices. Wakefit was drawn to this flexibility, which is crucial for their dispersed staff. 

Wakefit makes HubEngage their preferred employee platform in 2024

As a fast-growing company, we have expanded our employee base rapidly. We needed to ensure that our business, its values, ethos, and personality trickled down to every single member of the organization. The founders have nurtured the DNA of customer-centricity and product innovation since they started in 2016 and we needed to bring that DNA closer to our employees, in a way that they believe and imbibe these values deeply. However, we did not want to be preachy or monotonous in our approach, as our marketing philosophy is strongly rooted in creating relatable content in a fun and engaging manner. A tool that could help us achieve this was the need of the hour. 

– Priyam Divgi, DGM – Corporate Communications,

Since Wakefit has multiple channels of communication, they wanted to create one single avenue to drive culture and share important updates. They also wanted to create a content repository that their employees could revisit anytime. HubEngage had ready solutions for these requirements alongside access to varied data insights. Additionally, the client found HubEngage simple, appealing, and easy to use. This prompted Wakefit to choose HubEngage over other apps.

We appreciated how the team took us through a hand-holding process that made it easier for us to adapt to the app. As an admin, learning how to navigate it was a simple process.

Replying to another question of why they picked HubEngage over other apps, Priyam Divgi added,

We evaluated a few tools that would help us bring our business closer to our employees. We wanted to achieve our communications goals by blending user-friendliness and technological wherewithal with creative flexibility. HubEngage provided us with an adaptable tool that had the necessary features. The team’s technical knowledge and client-friendly approach helped us opt for the platform. We received ample support in streamlining our onboarding process and rolling it out to our employee base. As a newly onboarded tool, we will be able to comment on the user experience only later, but the process has been pleasant and seamless so far.

As Wakefit explores our platform and its extensive features, we at HubEngage take this opportunity to reemphasize our commitment to enhancing workforce connectivity, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and heightened staff engagement. Together, we look forward to enhancing participation, encouraging collaboration, and cultivating a vibrant workplace ethos for all users. 

Welcome aboard, Wakefit!

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