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Enterprise Communications for the Oil and Gas Industry

enterprise communications for the energy sector

Driving Employee Safety and Engagement at EnerCorp

In the oil and gas industry, prioritizing employee safety and engagement isn’t just a corporate responsibility; it’s a fundamental necessity. The nature of this sector involves inherently risky operations, making safety measures imperative to protect workers and assets. Moreover, fostering employee engagement ensures a motivated and knowledgeable workforce that is vital for maintaining operational excellence. When employees feel valued, safe, and engaged, they become more proactive in identifying and mitigating risks, which, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity, innovation, and overall success in this demanding industry.

In the oil and gas industry, the well-being and engagement of employees are not just goals or ideals; they are the cornerstones of a thriving and sustainable future. See, how HubEngage made it count.


Enterprise Communications for the Oil & Gas Industry – Spotlight Client Testimonial from EnerCorp

My name is Gareth Young. I am the Director of Health Safety Environment Quality for Intercourse Engineered Solutions and Intercourse Industrial Solutions. We operate inside the oil and gas market. We are a service-oriented company. 

How important is Enterprise Communications in the oil and gas industry?

For me as a Safety Director, communicating with our employees is critical. We want to make sure that we get safety bulletins out to them in a timely manner. We also want to make sure that if there is some type of weather emergency, we can communicate with them as quickly as possible. 

Why did you choose the HubEngage Enterprise Communications app?

HubEngage is a great solution for our needs. Apart from all the other innovative features that our HR Department uses daily, it helps us easily circulate important information like our safe operating procedures bulletins, in a periodic and systematic manner. It is one of the critical pieces of why we wanted to launch an app like HubEngage. 

Do all the departments at EnerCorp use HubEngage?

Sure. HubEngage is an app that has substance for everyone. The Human Resources department uses it to put the employee handbook at employees’ fingertips. Our Operations team uses it for SOP (standard operating procedures) communications. With HubEngage, communicating with anyone in the organization has become absolutely smooth and simple.

Any particular feature in HubEngage that you like?

We use the QR Code feature a lot. We have branded QR Codes on all of our equipment. These codes link directly back into safe operating procedures equipment maintenance files. So it helps us monitor the whole process centrally without human error. It is just the kind of thing that our employees and our customers both want to see. 

Did the HubEngage Enterprise Communications app impact employee-employer relations in any way?

Actually, it’s made a huge impact. It’s been awesome. Our employees can now engage with the management at will. Just the ability to chat with us and share things whenever they want gives us all such a great sense of satisfaction. It also hastens the resolution process considerably.

How did you like our Employee Social Media feature?

It’s pretty good. It is one of the most used features in the organization. Often, I challenge my teams out in the field to do hazard hunts and post what they find. So, they are more than willing to share across the entire company what they’re seeing in their region. And they do it happily and regularly. It is just one of those ways in which, I can share with the rest of the organization, what keeps my team motivated and happy.

Any other impact of the enterprise communications app that you would like to highlight?

Well yes. HubEngage communications app has in fact made the whole company so much safer. Because now, our teams in Pennsylvania can see immediately, what challenges are happening in North Dakota, West Texas, South Texas, or even up in Alberta. So, I can confidently say that it’s been truly awesome to have HubEngage as our official employee communications app.

EnerCorp: Pioneering Sand Management Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector

When it comes to sand management solutions in the oil and gas industry, EnerCorp is the undisputed leader. With a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, rentals, and servicing of cutting-edge sand control solutions for completion and production applications, EnerCorp is revolutionizing the way the industry addresses sand-related challenges. Headquartered in the vibrant energy hubs of Houston, Texas, and Calgary, Alberta, EnerCorp has strategically positioned itself to serve the evolving needs of the oil and gas sector. Its footprint extends far and wide, spanning all major shale basins across North America, while simultaneously offering a range of engineered production and sand management equipment solutions available for global purchase. In this article, we’ll delve into the innovative world of EnerCorp and explore how their expertise is reshaping sand management practices in the energy sector worldwide.

If you liked what Gareth Young said, click here to know more about our Enterprise Communications App

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