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What Are The Four Elements Of The Customer Experience Model?

Employee recognition improves Customer Experience Model

When it comes to reasons to feel motivated it is a commonly known fact that receiving appreciation for your work or effort put in is one of the main reasons to keep at it. However, many businesses overlook this and do not apply it to their own work environment. Improving customer experience often depends on employee experience and the current conditions of your work culture.

Employee recognition is one of the most powerful tools to not only improve your work culture but to increase the standard of customer experience. Take a look at the four elements of the customer experience model that can be improved by employee recognition:

1. Employee recognition directly leads to highly motivated employees

According to Gartner, employee recognition is the ultimate positive feedback for the effort put into completing their tasks. This recognition also reassures them that they are on the right path to achieving their goals and that they are aligned with the company objectives. Seeing other employees getting recognized also motivates them to work harder to achieve their goals and get recognized.
For Customer Experience – Make the extra effort to recognize your employees for the effort they have put in to fix any customer experience issues or improving customer experience in general. These recognitions will urge them to continue putting in effort and motivate them to keep improving and achieving the company’s customer experience goals.

2. Employee recognition reduces employee turnover

According to Glassdoor, 53% of employees say that they would stay with the company longer if they feel appreciated. Employee turnover also tends to be very expensive. It involves the high costs of hiring new resources, on boarding and training, and not to mention a lot of time and effort goes into the entire process. Employee recognition can help you avoid the high cost of turnover.
For Customer Experience – Employee turnover can lead to diminished quality of customer experience. The longer an employee remains with the company the more they will know about their customers, their needs, their problems, causes, and solutions. Employee recognition can help to reinforce their tenure at the company.

3. Employee recognition can lead to higher productivity

According to Gartner, organizations that have an active rewards and recognitions program have 14% higher rates of employee productivity, performance, and engagement. When employees know that they can be recognized for their work, and get rewarded for the same, there is no doubt that this is reason enough to drive higher performance. Their productivity naturally goes up as well.
For Customer Experience – In order to keep up with customer demands and ensure an accelerated rate of performance when it comes to delivering on high-quality customer experience you need a team that is highly motivated, productive and engaged. Employee recognition will help you accomplish this.

4. Employee recognition gives a sense of purpose and reinforces company values 

When an employee is recognized for their good work they are that much more likely to keep doing good work because they feel like they have accomplished something and contributed to a larger objective. With the right kind of work culture, a company and its employees turn into a large community where the company values become employee values. The more an employee sees that they will be recognized for aligning with company values the more they will work in that manner, they will also understand that the company expects that from them. Getting rewarded for these actions will promote them to continue this performance in the future which in turn reinforces company values as well.
For Customer Experience – Employee recognition can you give it your companies employees a reason to be passionate about their work giving them a sense of accomplishment. They win and they will inherently work better by forming better connections with their customers.
Having a customized employee rewards and recognition strategy can help your organization not only improve customer experience but also work environment, employee turnover, productivity and quality of work. An employee rewards and recognition platform can help you automate the entire process of creating, executing, and analyzing your rewards and recognitions program. Keep track of your employee performance in real-time and make well informed changes to benefit not only your employees but also your business.
The HubEngage rewards and recognition platform is designed to fit your company’s specific needs. Get in touch with us today and we’ll give you a live custom demo of how our platform can benefit your organizational needs.

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