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How Surveys Help Provide Actionable Insights To Help Drive Employee Engagement

employee survey platforms can boost employee engagement

Employee surveys help employers get insight into employee engagement levels which in turn help them make well-informed decisions and changes. An employee survey platform is just what you need to drive employee engagement. 

The core of creating and maintaining a successful employee engagement strategy is understanding how your employees feel by getting direct feedback directly from them. Understanding the current state of your employees helps management and leaders take the necessary steps to positively affect employee performance, productivity, efficiency, engagement, etc. An employee survey platform is a right solution to help you achieve this.

What Makes An Employee Survey Platform Effective Enough To Boost Engagement?

In order to get in-depth insights from your surveys, you should be able to do the following:

  • Ask the right questions in the right format

In order to get the right kind of response, you should be able to ask the question in the most optimal format. Gone are the days when you could only opt for multiple choice which would limit the responses to the answer categories you’ve provided to the employee. Now you have the ability to choose from various formats like dropdown menus, voting systems, rating systems, true or false, file upload, etc. Along with flexible question formats, you can also have your employees add their own comments to each answer in order to get a clearer understanding of their thought process.

  • Get well informed and complete answers to your questions

They say half-knowledge is dangerous. When someone doesn’t have complete information or knowledge about certain things/situations then they cannot give you well-informed answers to your questions. Your employee survey platform should allow you to be able to attach all kinds of media (documents, PDFs, excels, videos, audio clips, images, etc.) so that your employees know everything they need to know before answering any of your questions.

  • Automated surveys to reduce manual intervention and execution time 

Automated surveys are a definite time saver. Set them up to go out monthly, quarterly annually. Reduce the response time with automated push, email, and SMS notifications. Daily alerts and reminders urge employees to take surveys sooner so employers get the insights they need in a timely manner.

  • Gamification

In order to further incentivize employees to be honest, transparent, and quick with their response time, add gamification elements such as free gifts or points for taking the survey. Everybody loves a free gift, and if it takes filling up a survey to get it then why not.

  • Deep insights in real-time

Your employee survey platform should be able to give you insights for every survey in real time so you see responses and answers as and when people are filling in the surveys. Access response of every individual as well as on a group level. You should be able to compare responses based on time, departments, locations, or any specific customized group. This will help you understand the trends and reaction levels of your employees.

  • AI-based analytics 

Deep insights may give you the responses to your questions but AI-based analytics like sentiment scores will help you understand the overall state of your employees. Do they feel more positive, neutral, or negative about certain situations or topics of discussion? This will help you also understand how grave a situation really is. These data points are calculated based on each employee’s behavior on the employee survey platform and what their engagement levels are over a certain period of time.

It is a combination of all of the above-mentioned points that will give you a true and crystal clear picture of your employees, their opinions, and what you can do to help your employees, engage them better and improve the work environment. The HubEngage employee survey platform is designed to keep employee engagement at the forefront of all of its functionality. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll show you how you can leverage our platform to strengthen and harness the power of your employee population.


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