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How Survey Platforms Have Made Getting Employee Feedback Easier Than Ever

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With technology constantly improving, it is getting easier and easier to use and navigate through survey tools and platforms. Employee survey platforms are now able to give in-depth insight into the mind and psyche of every employee. 

Employee surveys are without a doubt so much more important for organizations that any external product or customer survey. For things to function smoothly and efficiently, changes need to be made quickly and need to be backed with enough data to know it will work. An organization’s responsiveness to employee feedback leads to higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale.

Understanding what your employees need to do their jobs right, keep their skill set up to date, and remain loyal to you is the first hurdle you need to cross before you can ask them to deliver high-quality work and customer service. In order to do this, you need a survey platform that can give you a clear and transparent understanding of your employee population. The HubEngage survey platform helps you do that and much more.

How The HubEngage Survey Platform Makes Collecting Feedback Easier

#1 Get Accurate Survey Insight With Multi-Format & Multi-Media Questions

In order to get the right kind of survey insight, you should be able to ask questions in any and every format possible. Choose from a wide range of survey question formats giving you the flexibility to be able to ask simple to complex questions without any limitations.

Attach all kinds of media, from images and videos to PDFs and excel sheets. Ensure that your employees have all the information they need before answering your survey questions so you get well-informed and complete answers.

#2 Automate & Schedule Surveys And Their Notifications

The survey platform provides ample automation so you can collect feedback with minimal manual intervention. Schedule surveys to go out any time of day depending on location or timezone. Set employee surveys to go out monthly, quarterly, and annually. Schedule daily and weekly reminders to make sure that survey responses are collected as soon as possible.

#3 Notify Instantly To Get Insights Quicker With Push Notifications

Send out push, SMS, WhatsApp, and email notifications to notify and urge employees to take the survey promptly. This automation will definitely help you do away with personally having to remind everyone to submit their survey responses over the course of a few weeks.

#4 Get Deep Insights Like Feedback Scores, Sentiment Analysis

Along with being able to view all the responses in real time, you’ll also be able to view AI-based analytics like feedback and sentiment scores. These scores help you understand the overall feeling and morale levels amongst employees. Gauge how positive or negative employees feel towards certain situations or administrational changes that directly affect them. This will also help you understand how quickly you need to take the necessary steps to diffuse certain situations or make changes.

HubEngage’s employee survey platform is truly designed to keep employee engagement at the forefront. The user-friendly survey interface (both frontend and backend) of the employee app not only makes it easy to execute surveys but also to collect feedback quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with us to get a live demo of how the employee survey platform can help your organization collect and view accurate feedback in real-time.


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