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HubEngage is now a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Recertification provider. Click here to learn more about how you can earn your recertification credits.

Automate Communications, Notify Employees, Engage with Gamification and Get Deep Insights.

Push all your company(top-down) content such as targeted news, links, videos, events, knowledge bases, documents and more.

Enable employee submitted (bottom-up) content to get ideas and stories from your best asset, your people.

Drive Content with High Relevance

Granularly target and schedule with a content calendar or push real-time news and information to your organization and initiatives like wellness, health and safety, sales, marketing and more.

Keep your employees informed
Create a repository for documents and knowledge bases

Create a Repository for Documents and Knowledge Bases

Upload videos, and documents (pdf, powerpoint, excel, word and others). Create knowledge bases for different topics and initiatives.

Crowd Source Employee Content

Source content directly from your employees on innovations, best practices, safety, testimonials and more through the art of storytelling.

Crowd source employee content
Create and promote events

Create and Promote Events

Announce and promote all company events. Track RSVPs, set reminders, add presentations and more.

Make it Fun and Engaging

Engage with likes, comments, sharing. Enable gamification with points and reward with our integrated gift cards to motivate and increase participation among your employees.

Make it fun and engaging
Powerful search and QR scan

Powerful Search and QR Scan

Our powerful search engine lets your employees search quickly for relevant content, documents and users while the QR scan feature lets you pull any content instantly with a camera

Use Multi-Language Translations to Connect with Audiences

Make sure content is delivered to all your employees regardless of which country they live in and what language they speak. Use the multi-language feature to automatically translate and keep employees informed in several languages.

HubEngage multi-language feature
Analyze and track

Analyze and Track

Analyze where and how your content is being consumed. Know the sentiment of your employees powered by our AI engine, identify which employees are participating and nurture your brand ambassadors.

Reach Everyone Everywhere

Mobile Apps
Digital Displays
Email Campaigns

Let's get your employees connected and engaged.

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