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Unifying the Workforce with Engaging Communications for the Healthcare Industry

Communications for the Healthcare Industry

Thundermist Health Center‘s Communications Lead – Kayla Mudge sits down with us to talk about how the HubEngage platform was used during the COVID-19 and how it helped to create and maintain constant communication touchpoints with all their health workers and employees. Kayla gives details on how they were able to deliver the right content to the right people at specific points of time where it was most effective. This is a great example of best practices in communications for the healthcare industry.


Q1. Tell us a bit about Thundermist Health Center and your role over there.

My name is Kayla Mudge and I currently work Thundermist Health Center as the communications lead.  Thundermist Health Center is a federally qualified healthcare center and we are non-profit. We are based out of Rhode Island, we are located in three locations in Rhode Island that serves some of the most needy populations and that includes Woonsocket. West Warwick, Wakefield and then an admin location in Warwick. 

Q2. What specific need were you trying to address?

We needed a more streamlined line of communications for the employees. We do have an employee intranet that we use, we SharePoint however, that was not really doing the job because we had to too much information on SharePoint and we had the fun stuff with the important stuff with all the other stuff and what was happening is that employees didn’t exactly know where to go for things.

Q3. How was the HubEngage platform instrumental in establishing and maintaining a consistent touchpoint with employees?

So the purpose of the employee app was to be able to have more of the employee connection pieces in there such as anytime we did an event where they could add a calendar reminder. They could things do things like putting up our Townhall chat and have it be in a podcast format and relying on the app for important communications to do push notifications, daily Coronavirus updates and all sorts of different things that people needed. Even HR contacts and really it became a primary source for contact for employees and also employees that unfortunately had to be furlowed at the time and we brought them all back but for many that was their way of getting in contact with Thundermist or knowing what was going on because they wouldn’t have access to their own work account email while they were at home.

Q4. Why did you decide to work with HubEngage?

I would say having the employee app, using HubEngage for these purposes has really, in my experience, been a huge improvement I think just in the company‘s culture, in having improved communication as well. I have received a lot of feedback from employees saying that they absolutely love that we have an app and that they are also able to access it on their desktops so we do have employees who either don’t have smartphones, don’t have room on their phone so great thing too is that in the addition to having the app on the phone having the desktop access too really was a huge benefit to other employees as well as and I honestly could not have imagined us getting through the COVID-19 pandemic without having this app on hand I think it really enhanced our employee satisfaction and our communication and even our relationship with our employees.

Q5. How has your experience been working with HubEngage so far?

Having you guys as a primary stakeholder in this account was an incredible experience mainly because any time we had an issue that we couldn’t resolve ourselves you guys were there for us especially working with you and Tushneem it was a great experience, very quick. Any time we had to forward any employee complaints, it’s just easier for you guys to work with employees themselves, those were taken care of and any feedback from employees on our end is that it was quick, it was efficient and it was a pleasant experience.

Learn more about how to utilize an employee communications platform effectively for communications for the healthcare industry here.

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