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CEO’s Guide To Employee Engagement: Multi-Format Surveys

use multi format surveys to boost employee engagement

Gain the ability to ask in-depth and detailed questions with multi-format surveys that has more focus as opposed to getting insights from asking top-level questions.

The primary function behind conducting a survey is creating questions that precisely measure the point of view, experiences, thoughts, and morale of the employee population. Inaccurate findings derived from inconclusive or incomplete questions lead to biased decision making and the formation of shaky policies that leave employees feeling more disgruntled than content and satisfied. Developing effective employee engagement strategies, policies/solutions, and taking necessary measures to address certain situations starts with outlining the right questions and asking them in the right format.


Regular surveys can be very limiting in the sense that they do not offer the ability to include different types of media formats that act as an aid to enhancing the question that needs to be asked. Multi-format surveys give you the ability to:

  • Choose from different question formats
  • Attach various types of media – Image, Audio, Video, PDF (Documents)
  • Present answer formats that get you the metrics you seek


Developing a survey gets complicated however we have simplified the entire process to make it as convenient as possible for both the surveyors as well as those taking the surveys. Questions in the survey can ask about topics at varying levels of detail. Ask questions in different ways by adding different forms of media to it. Questions asked earlier in a survey tend to and can influence how people respond to later questions; use AI to ask questions according to how they respond to the previous questions.


In order to measure change over time, it is imperative to get the right insights so you can pay attention to how responses, opinions, and conduct have and whether they have improved from what has been measured in previous surveys.


Here’s more information on surveys, templated surveys, customizable surveys, and multi-format surveys and the benefits of conducting surveys on your internal communications and engagement platform.

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