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Supercharging Digital Signage for Employee Communication

Use TV displays to showcase employee content and news feed

Employee communication can be vastly improved by having an omnichannel approach. By using a combination of mobile apps, Intranets, email in conjunction with digital signage, you can supercharge your employee communications and reach all of your workforce, no matter where they are.

In today’s modern workforce, companies are increasingly upping the game with their employee communications by leveraging as many channels to reach their employees as possible. While mobile apps and of course intranets have been the go-to channels for sometime, combining them with digital signage makes the experience even more powerful.

Digital signage for employee communication is not a new groundbreaking concept by any means. In fact this channel predates mobile apps and even intranets. Many industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and hospitality have had digital signage and display screens in various different environments. Particularly in places like break rooms, facility lobbies, cafeterias and other employee facing work areas, you will see employee facing digital signage.

Many of these systems are proprietary for both hardware and software, which means you have to use a specific program an interface tying you in and locking you to one technology only. Today’s digital signage for employee communication platforms are SaaS web based, which means they are a more flexible software-as-a-service in the cloud with a portal that is web-based. An online dashboard then feeds data to these digital signage screens.

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Furthermore, streamlining all your employee communications inside of one cloud-based SaaS platform makes management a lot easier, not to mention cost consolidating. Imagine being able to go onto one single seamless dashboard and push your content to various employee segments and decide what goes to employee communication apps, intranets, and digital signage?

So how does it all work?

And what content is best suited for digital signage for employee communication?

Let’s take a modern employee communications and engagement platform such as HubEngage as an example here. This platform allows you to have all your digital screen locations organized to you can target employees based on segments and all in one place. This way you can pick and choose what you want push to whom and when. It further allows you to schedule your content so you can frontload everything, set it and forget it. You get to sit back and watch your contact drip out overtime, just as you engineered it in your administrative dashboard.

Now, in terms of content, this is where you’ll want to pay particular attention to what you’re putting out in certain channels like mobile apps and intranets, versus digital signage for employee communication. Content pieces that involve some interaction from employees might just show a preview of the communication–think of it like a teaser– and then have a QR code displayed when it shows on your digital signage for employee communication. The idea is to entice the employee and get them to scan that QR code to then unlock the content so they can experience it in detail, and enjoy a more personalized setting on their mobile phones.

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Things like events, company happenings, important announcements, policies, procedures and even recognition can all be displayed and promoted on your digital signage for employee communication. There are also opportunities to use this channel to highlight achievements, company milestones and celebrating your corporate culture.

What about the hardware solution? Use any TV screen you like!

Today it’s very easy to connect all your systems together and easily use digital signage for employee communication. You can use existing hardware in place, or easily deploy TV screens for your digital signage needs. SaaS-based platforms like HubEngage literally just need a TV with an internet connection. You can even connect an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chrome Stick to any HDMI port on your existing TV equipment and get started right away. Long gone are the days where you need proprietary hardware and expensive software in order to create a compelling digital signage for employee communication experience for your workforce.

Do you want to explore how using digital signage for employee communication can help supercharge your employee engagement? Take a free tour of HubEngage today and request your personalized demo where an employee engagement specialist can walk you through a solution tailored to your unique environment and how you can benefit and very little time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are some tips for supercharging digital signage for employee communication?

In today’s modern world, it is essential for businesses to find efficient methodologies of communication. Digital signage is an increasingly popular solution to communicate with employees because it allows businesses to create memorable and effective messages without the hassle of traditional methods. Potential strategies that companies can use such as leveraging interactive technology, personalizing customer experiences, and displaying relevant content can make digital signage more engaging for employees.

How can digital signage improve employee communication?

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to improve internal communication between employees. By harnessing digital technology, businesses are able to target their messages in a more timely and cost effective manner. Through digital signage, companies can quickly present new policies and procedures, provide updates on corporate goals and objectives, as well as relay important announcements like promotions and employee recognition. Additionally, digital signage can offer an interactive platform for networked employees to view content and capture feedback. In short, digital signage is proving to be an efficient method of connecting with staff and helping them stay informed.

What are some best practices for using digital signage for employee communication?

Digital signage proves to be an effective tool for employee communication when implemented with the right best practices in place. Making use of digital signs provides the visibility, accessibility, and immediacy that is essential to successful employee communications. Starting with a clear strategy, digital signage should follow the principle of ‘less is more’, displaying few messages at a time that are concise and relevant. Options such as being able to customize digital content make it easier to target specific types of staff immediately with independent messaging that meets their needs. Additionally, digital signage can provide informative visuals to engage employees while keeping them up-to-date on any changes or confidential information within the workplace. Digital signage provides great opportunities for internal employee communication if details such as frequency and relevancy are taken into consideration when utilizing digital signs to inform and serve employees.

How can digital signage be used to supplement other employee communication channels?

Digital signage is an incredibly useful digital communication channel for business owners, as it can supplement and even replace other more traditional communications channels. It can be used in a number of ways; digital billboards and corporate communications screens can be placed unobtrusively yet visibly in public areas, while digital signage walls and digital displays can provide employees with information on work roles, deadlines, notices, or employee profiles as they move through the workplace. Digital signage also allows businesses to quickly distribute messages and updates to staff from a centralized platform which simplifies the communication process. By combining digital signage with your existing internal communication methods you will have an effective hybrid system designed to keep employees in the loop.

What are some common mistakes made when using digital signage for employee communication?

Digital signage has become increasingly popular for employee communication, but this digital tool can also be misused. Common mistakes when using digital signage include failing to customize messages for an audience and not properly tracking messaging performance. Messages should be tailored with the intended audience in mind, as digital signage communicates differently from other channels and digital asset messaging should adjust accordingly. Additionally, in order to ensure effective digital signage for employees, digital messaging must be monitored, measured and regularly adjusted based on feedback. Without doing so, businesses stand to miss the full potential of this digital communications platform.

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