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Top Employee Engagement Companies

Top employee engagement companies

When it comes to finding the best employee engagement company, a lot has to be taken into consideration. In this article, we will have a look at how HubEngage is one of the top employee engagement companies purely based on the features they offer.

It is understood now that by default happy employees are more productive and better invested in an organization than disengaged employees. Companies that have mastered the employee engagement did not achieve success overnight, it took time, effort, analysis, strategy, and the right employee engagement platform to support it all.


Being able to execute a strategy end to end without spending a lot on manpower, tools, and money is the baseline of any organization being able to achieve their objectives.


This is where HubEngage comes in. 

Improve Employee Engagement with HubEngage

The platform is designed to consolidate all of your employee engagement activities and it allows you to take a 360° approach to employee engagement.


The power of the tool not only lies in the consolidation of all of the features but also in the ability to customize the platform aesthetically and also based on the feature modules that fit your specific organizational requirements.


Employee engagement is a combination of a number of different activities. Your strategy must include communication, rewards and recognition, surveys, training and upskilling, as well as digitizing certain on boarding processes.


These are just a few of the activities that the top employee engagement companies must offer to their clients.

Features of HubEngage

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the primary features HubEngage has to offer:

Employee Communications and Social

Internal communications is a crucial part of every organizations ability to function efficiently and smoothly.


As as an employer it is your responsibility to maintain constant communication touch points throughout the day with your employees so they are in the know and have enough information to ensure that they are able to do their jobs to the best of their ability.


Our communications and social module allows you to custom create content and ensure that you are giving complete information. You are able to attach all kinds of media from images and videos to excel sheets and PDFs. You’re able to target content based on whom it is relevant to.


Schedule content and set up automated reminders such as push, email, And SMS notifications to let employees know that new content is live on the app.


The social aspect allows you to provide a platform for your employees to connect, network, and collaborate with each other no matter where they are in the world. Consider it to be your own personal social platform giving your employees the freedom to create stronger bonds with their colleagues.


Just like any other social platform you can attach all kinds of media, add links, create hashtags, use smileys and tag people.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

In order to keep employees motivated it is imperative that organizations recognize them for the work they have done. The current generations (X, Y & Z) that form the majority of the employee population of today require recognition more often not only for the larger objectives achieved but also the smaller achievements on a day-to-day basis.


The HubEngage employee rewards and recognition module allows you to custom make recognitions to suit your employees’ work environment and psyche. Not only can you create top-down recognitions but you can also create bottom-up and peer to peer recognition. Only the best employee engagement companies will consider this to be a 360° approach to rewards and recognition.


Create automated milestone recognitions such as anniversaries and birthdays and notify employees directly from the app when they are being recognized.


Recognizing your employees is only half the battle you can give someone a pat on the back but the motivation is even more long-lasting when you reward them for their actions. Gamification is a great way to incentivize your employees in order to better engage them.


With the HubEngage platform you’re able to attach gamification elements to every single activity on the platform from simply accessing the app to taking surveys and engaging with their colleagues.


Our platform gives you the power to custom create your own rewards and automate it. Your employees are able to choose from a wide range of rewards based on the number of points they collect by performing various activities on the platform. Redeem great rewards like e-gift cards, free meals or even money.

Employee Surveys

While it is a priority to make sure that you are constantly in touch with your employees and to ensure that they are given full and complete information it is also necessary for you to get to know your employees to understand their needs and requirements.


Employee surveys are the best way to understand your employees better. Our surveys module allows you to create custom surveys based on specific situations or requirements.


  • Choose from a long list of pre-made survey templates or create your own custom survey from scratch in our easy to use dashboard.
  • Chose from a wide range of question formats like rating, voting, dropdown menus, file upload options or even voting or digital signing options.
  • Schedule and target your surveys to go out to particular demographics at any time.
  • Send a push, email and SMS notifications to let your employees know that they need to take a survey.
  • Add gamification points to further incentivize your employees to take the survey quickly.

Employee Analytics

Only the best employee engagement companies will be able to provide in-depth employee analytics on every single activity that you are able to conduct on the platform.


The HubEngage platform will give you insights on every single employee and all of their activities. Compare insights year over year, month over month, or based on custom date ranges to monitor progress and engagement levels.


The HubEngage platform will give you in-depth data on your employees, content and communication activities, rewards and recognition, surveys, and any other activity actively being executed through the platform.


Our platform also provides AI-based insights based on user behavior so you are able to gauge your employees mood in real-time.


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We will also show you how an employee engagement platform that is custom-made to fit your specific requirements will help not only boost employee engagement but also improve retention and ROI.


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