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Find a better way to work by communicating quicker and getting things done better.

Why Our Instant Messaging Platform Is The Best Alternative

No matter what size, companies can ensure the highest of efficiency and productivity with the HubEngage Instant Messaging Platform. Your employees will be able to communicate instantly, share in a timely manner, and receive information in the form of PDFs, excels, jpgs, videos, etc.

Our platform is highly secure and you’ll be able to get your employees off of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and other platforms with your own, private, secure instant messaging platform where YOU own all your data and are in full control.

HubEngaage is a great alternative to platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Connecteam, WhatsApp,  Facebook Messenger, Crew App, and more.

Click on the icons below, compare individual platform features and see which instant messaging platform is the best for your organization:

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and more

Boost Engagement and Productivity with HubEngage

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The easy to navigate interface features all the user-friendly elements of any and every social media app.



Easy to access no matter where you are. Give your employees the choice – mobile app, browser, tab, and digital display.



Keep employees constantly informed and engaged with automated push notifications, email reminders, text messages, & more.



No need for large budgets, the all-in-one HubEngage platform is super affordable and promises to deliver more than what is paid.

Watch How HubEngage Helps Your Employees Communicate, Collaborate, Share Information and Stay Informed

HubEngage: Boost Productivity Through Communication & Collaboration

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Get More Than Instant Messaging

With HubEngage, you can build an entire engagement platform not just instant messaging
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