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Unearth the Power of Socially Engaged and Influential Employees

The HubEngage all-inclusive social platform is a proven superior to all other alternatives.

Why Our Employee Social Platform Is The Best Alternative

Stay ahead of the evolving social norms with the HubEngage Employee Social Platform. Promote collaboration, communication, and unify your employee population with a platform that allows you to do more than just communicate. Build communities, multiply conversion rates and increase reach through to every corner of your organization.

Crowd source the best of content from the finest minds in your organization. Keep it fun and engaging with ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘shares’ and you can also add gamification elements to keep it exciting. Get engagement analytics to keep track of employee reactions.

HubEngaage is a great employee social platform alternative to Workplace from Meta (Facebook Workplace), Slack, Yammer, SAP Jam, DarwinBox, Happeo, Blink, EveryoneSocial, Quantum Workplace, Crew, Bonfyre App, Staffbase, Firstup (Dynamic Signal/Social Chorus), Beekeeper, and more.

Click on the icons below, compare individual platform features and see which employee social platform is the best for your organization:

Boost Engagement and Productivity with HubEngage

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The easy to navigate interface features all the user-friendly elements of any and every social media app.



Easy to access no matter where you are. Give your employees the choice – mobile app, browser, tab, and digital display.



Keep employees constantly informed and engaged with automated push notifications, email reminders, text messages, & more.



No need for large budgets, the all-in-one HubEngage platform is super affordable and promises to deliver more than what is paid.

Watch How HubEngage Helps Your Employees Collaborate, Build a Community and Stay Informed

HubEngage: Boost Productivity Through Community Building & Collaboration

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