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How Multi-Format Questions Can Help You Gain In-Depth Employee Insights

Multi-format surveys boost employee participation and help HR managers gather verified employee sentiment on a range of issues

Gain the ability to ask in-depth and detailed questions with multi-format surveys.

This is because multi-format surveys generate more focus as opposed to getting insights from asking top-level questions.

Conducting a survey is a primary function that measures the point of view, experiences, thoughts, and morale of your employees. Accurate findings require precise questions., Inaccurate findings from inconclusive or incomplete questions can lead to biased decision-making, shaky policies, and disgruntled employees. Asking the right questions and in the right format is the first step in developing effective employee engagement strategies.

Regular surveys have limitations

They are not able to include different types of media formats that enhance the questions being asked. This limitation can hinder the effectiveness of the survey and can result in incomplete or inaccurate data. Hence, companies must use an employee survey platform with multimedia features like audio, video, and images to complement their surveys.

Other unique features can add great value to your employee surveys

An employee survey platform with built-in auto-language translation can help organizations overcome communication barriers and reach a wider audience. Using HubEngage gives companies the ability to translate content into 14 international languages. This unique advantage ensures that all employees, regardless of their native language, can give their feedback. This also ensures that employees have access to all information at the same time as their peers the world over. By offering surveys in multiple languages, organizations can increase participation rates and improve the accuracy of the data collected. And this inturn, leads to better decision-making and more effective policies.

Multi-format surveys give you the ability to:

  • Choose from different question formats
  • Attach various types of media – Image, Audio, Video, PDF (Documents)
  • Present answer formats that get you the metrics you seek

Developing a survey on your own can get complicated. However, we have simplified the entire process to make it extremely convenient and quick. HubEngage has over 36 survey templates in multiple formats. 

To give you an edge in the art, HubEngage surveys are available in various formats:

  1. MCQ – Multiple Choice Question Surveys
  2. Rating Surveys
  3. Review Surveys
  4. Pulse Surveys
  5. True or False Surveys
  6. SLA – Single Line Answer Surveys
  7. MLA – Multiple Line Answer Surveys
  8. PA – Paragraph Answer Surveys
  9. Tag a User Surveys
  10. Tag a Function Surveys
  11. Tag a Department Surveys
  12. Tag a Branch Surveys
  13. Tag a Product Surveys
  14. Tag a Place in the Office Premises Surveys
  15. Tag a Color Surveys
  16. Fill-in-the-blanks Surveys 
  17. Add a Media File Surveys 
  18. Add a GIPHY Surveys and more…
HubEngage Survey Platform offers you 36 pre-made surveys on popular HR topics.

You can use them as-is or modify them to your liking. You can also ask questions in different ways, such as using various types of media. The platform is constantly evolving, and soon an AI-powered feature will be available that will make survey and content creation easier and more innovative than ever before.

One of the most crucial aspects of change management is getting the right feedback from employees and associates. With HubEngage’s cutting-edge survey formats, this becomes an effortless and invaluable task. You can keep track of responses, review them at any time, or even republish them to validate any improvement measures that you’ve taken.

As a result, the platform’s unique features allow you to create surveys that are user-friendly, engaging, and easy to understand. This not only enhances employee participation but also ensures that you get the feedback you need to make informed decisions.

In addition, HubEngage’s surveys can be used to track progress over time, which is essential in any change management effort. With its modern intranet, you can easily monitor the progress of your team and make necessary changes to improve the process.

Overall, the HubEngage Survey Platform is an essential tool for HR professionals looking to improve employee engagement and measure change effectively. Its pre-made surveys, customizable options, and innovative features make it an invaluable resource for any organization.

Conclusion: Need Multi-format Surveys? Get HubEngage.

In conclusion, multi-format surveys offer organizations the opportunity to gain more in-depth insights from their employees and associates. By using different question formats, media types, and answer formats, companies can ensure they receive accurate, unbiased, and detailed feedback. And the HubEngage survey platform simplifies the entire process and provides ready-to-use surveys while also allowing customization as per the organization’s needs. The ability to ask questions in different languages using auto-translation features adds even more value, breaking down communication barriers and increasing participation rates. Ultimately, effective survey strategies lead to better decision-making, improved policies, and a more engaged workforce.

Learn more about how to create Multi-format surveys with our employee survey platform.

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