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HubEngage’s All-in-one SaaS Platform for Employee Communications, Recognition, Feedback Helps Organizations Drive Engagement and Retention in a Competitive Jobs Market

HubEngage Employee Experience Platform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the pandemic recedes and businesses get back to normal in 2022, retaining employees, hiring new talent and training employees quickly continues to be challenging. According to the Work Institute, the average cost to replace an employee can cost about one-third (4 months of salary) of that worker’s annual earnings, including expenses such as recruiter fees, temporary replacement workers, training and lost productivity.

Two of the many reasons that organizations are unable to tackle this challenge effectively are due to the lack of technology platforms that streamline communications and employee recognition or using multiple platforms which makes the process disorganized and cumbersome. A recent study “State of SaaS Sprawl 2021” shows that a typical business uses 5+ SAAS platforms for employee communications / messaging, learning and recruitment leading to more SAAS spend, duplication of efforts, increased cybersecurity risks and lack of adoption among employees.

A typical business uses 5+ SAAS platforms for employee engagement costing around $25 – $40 per employee per month.

HubEngage, a leading employee engagement platform, consolidates communications, recognition, culture and feedback tools into one platform which in turn helps organizations cut costs and execute a coherent strategy across the board. The platform’s multi-channel approach via web, a mobile app, emails or digital displays, lets organizations reach 100% of their workforce wherever they are, resulting in high adoption.

“HubEngage’s platform cuts software costs and time to manage multiple SaaS platforms by 5X or more. Our platform streamlines and automates most tasks, gives insights on one dashboard and moves the needle on employee engagement in no time,” says Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO of HubEngage.

HubEngage recently released a quick 4 min explainer video showing how the platform can solve communication and engagement challenges for stakeholders in HR, Marketing, Learning, Talent Development, Sales, EHS and more.

“As businesses recruit and retain talent in this competitive market, a number of them are realizing the need for better employee engagement,” said Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement at HubEngage. “HubEngage customers vouch for the results the platform has delivered for them. Their only regret if any is that they wish they could have found us sooner,” continued Chitre.

You can learn more about the HubEngage Employee Engagement platform and get started for free at

About HubEngage™

HubEngage™ is a unified employee engagement platform for communications, recognition, culture and feedback. HubEngage consolidates multiple platforms, automates tasks and enables companies of all sizes to engage their employees with high relevance and deep insights. With a multi-channel approach, organizations reach 100% of their workforce via mobile apps, web intranets, email, text messaging and digital displays.

HubEngage is an official SHRM Recertification Provider for HR professionals around the world. To learn more about HubEngage, request a demo of the platform, watch exclusive videos, listen to podcast interviews, and participate in webinars, please visit or visit our blog, Turn on Engagement.

Read the original press release on Business Wire.

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