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Thundermist Health Center Employee App Wins Lamplighter Award

Thundermist employee app - HubEngage

Thundermist Health Center uses the HubEngage Employee Communications Platform to communicate with its employees. It is this employee app that won gold at the NESHCo’s Annual Lamplighter Awards under the Potpourri category. Here’s what the app was all about.

Thundermist lamplighter award


Company Information

Thundermist Health Center is a federally qualified non-profit healthcare center. Based out of Rhode Island, Thundermist has 3 locations – Woonsocket. West Warwick, Wakefield with an admin location in Warwick. Their mission is to “improve the health of patients and communities by delivering exceptional health care, removing barriers to that care, and advancing healthy lifestyles.”


They were looking for a way to streamline all their communications with their employees as well as look for a way to make sure that all information is readily available, categorized, and easy to consume. While they were using other platforms to house their information, they found that it was all over the place leaving employees a bit confused when looking for answers. This led to employees having more questions than answers and feeling disconnected.


The HubEngage platform was customized to fit Thundermist’s specific needs. Admin, HR, and management were able to post content and information targeted at specific locations and teams. Employees had an internal social platform where they could share their experiences, and help one another. The platform also enabled two-way communication between management and employees.


The Thundermist employee app showed positive results almost instantly leading the way to do more to enhance employee experience via the app:

  • Employees were notified instantly through the Thundermist App
  • They were able to access information anytime and anywhere either from their mobile phones (mobile app) or via their desktops
  • There was a free flow of information and relevant content being shared with the right audiences
  • Employees began communicating with each other more frequently sharing their personal stories, information, and tips on the social channel
  • Management maintained constant communication touchpoints on a daily basis
  • Employees were regularly recognized for their efforts and work motivating them to do better thus boosting productivity
  • Their thoughts, opinions, and requests were heard and taken into consideration. It became easier for them to speak up during town hall allowing for more transparency and openness to cooperate/collaborate


The Aftermath

After seeing the positive effects of using a personalized employee communications app, Thundermist submitted their app for consideration at the NESHCo’s Annual Lamplighter Awards. 

Their submission read:

The Thundermist App was created to establish a more effective communications channel within Thundermist and be used in conjunction with a standard email delivery system. The app is unique to Thundermist, only employees have access. Push notifications are sent for urgent and actionable messages. 

The Thundermist app won Gold in the Single Division – Potpourri category. 

Thundermist Health Center continues to use its employee communications app to communicate, engage and motivate its employees on a daily basis.

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