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5 Key Employee Survey Questions To Improve Your Company Performance

5 key employee survey questions to ask

2022 will finally be a year of stabilization based on the changes employees have been facing in the past couple of years. The hybrid work model has completely affected an employees’ understanding and expectation of work-life balance. The start of a new year is always the best time to get insight into employee expectations and make a few changes within your company policies.

In order to truly understand what and how your employees feel about your organization, you must ask the right questions. According to Gartner, surveys are the most efficient way to gain insights into a company’s current employee engagement levels and the changes in the employee psyche. That’s why it is necessary to frame your questions just right when creating this year’s employee engagement survey. 

When it comes to sales, industry research is conducted, customer personas are made to better pitch the products. You need to understand the various employee personas your organization harbors. E.g., An employee who’s been recently hired might have different challenges than somebody who’s been working at the organization for 5 years or more. Before conducting a survey, understand the main motive behind it. Employee surveys can be very successful for organizations; it’s all about how you ask the questions. Below are a few categories to be considered when creating  Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Work Environment and Work-Life Balance
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Employee Recognition

Building trust is a vital factor when it comes to surveys. These questions should help with getting the right insights into employee satisfaction and the major challenges faced by the organization.

Compensation and Benefits

Employees like to get perks from the organization. Whether it be a gym allowance or a free annual amazon prime membership, it always adds a feel-good factor amongst employees. Understanding the compensation and benefits part from the employee’s perspective will help your organization to gauge the overall package structure. Try framing your questions around the topic like this:

  1. Are you satisfied with the current compensation the company offers apart from your CTC?
  2. How often do you avail the company benefits? Please specify

Leadership and Communication

These questions reveal the comfort level between an employee and management and whether they are able to communicate their challenges and demands effortlessly. Frame your questions like this:

  1. Do you like the process of contributing your ideas and opinions to your company?
  2. Do you feel aligned with the company’s goals and objectives?
  3. Are you comfortable with sharing your feedback with your manager in case of any uncertainty?
  4. How often do you share feedback with management without being asked to do so?

Work Environment and Work-Life balance

A good work environment and pleasant office vibes definitely help with the wellness and mental well-being of an employee. So this is definitely a crucial factor for employee satisfaction. With the Hybrid work model, a good work-life balance is another factor to take into consideration. Ask questions like these:

  1. Do you feel positive and motivated within your workplace?
  2. Do you have proper access to the tools and equipment required to get your job done efficiently?
  3. Do you feel burned out with deadlines and workloads?
  4. How often do you take your work home?

Personal and Professional Development

It’s a win-win situation for both employees and employers when the company goals coincide with employee goals. Employees always look for the growth factor within the organization. Helping your employees with their goal achievement will definitely help them climb up the ladder. Try asking questions like this:

  1. Do you find your job role exciting and challenging?
  2. Do you feel your organization is a good place for your self-development and career enhancement?
  3. Does your manager understand your goals and help you with your growth?

Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees for their achievements is a good way to motivate them. Demotivated and unappreciated employees are the first to leave the organization. A well-defined ‘Employee Recognition Program’ is a key to successful organizational values. Questions around this can be framed like this:

  1. Do you feel well recognized for the hard work you put in achieving the team’s success?
  2. Do you receive meaningful rewards on special occasions like work anniversaries, birthdays, milestone achievements, etc?
  3. Do you feel appreciated by the management and peers regularly?

By utilizing employee feedback and employee engagement surveys, it is easy for organizations to set a path towards improving their employee experience management journey. When you’re able to ask the right questions in the right way then rest assured you’ll be able to build a stronger relationship with your employees. Use employee engagement platforms like HubEngage to conduct customizable, multi-format surveys easily, effectively and get deep insights to help understand your employees better, take quicker well-informed decisions and build a stronger bond with every employee. 

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