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Why ERC BPO Invested in HubEngage

Instead of us trying to tell you why you should choose the HubEngage platform for your employee engagement needs we let our clients do the talking. Michael Duplessis, Chief Talent Officer at ERC BPO explains why you should go with HubEngage for employee engagement.

Why invest in HubEngage?

When I look at HubEngage, it’s one of those technology platforms that you know we discovered can help us improve the engagement of our employees. Because we know engaged employees perform better, stay longer, and create that exciting culture that every CEO every company, every CHRO desires, high energy and fully engaged.

Learn more about how ERC BPO leveraged the HubEngage platform to boost engagement, improve company culture and supercharge productivity.

A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

Marketing Manager & Editor, @Hubengage

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