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Smooth Sailing With Employee Mobile Apps for Cruise Lines

Smooth Sailing with Employee Mobile Apps for Cruise Lines

A cruise ship is a small world unto itself, and operating a cruise ship requires a large staff with a variety of skills and qualifications. When a work environment is as large, varied, and dynamic as that on a cruise ship, excellent communication is mandatory.

Cruise ship employees may have highly specialized duties, but they must also keep abreast of how their work intertwines with the work of others, with the ultimate goal being to ensure that guests have a great time and stay safe. An employee mobile app designed specifically for the needs of the cruise ship industry can make an immense difference in how well employees are able to communicate and perform their tasks with continued excellence. Here is how.

Hospitality Tasks on Cruise Ships

Cruise guests want to be able to relax, yet still have easy access to activities they like during their cruise, and hospitality services on cruise ships are the backbone of ensuring this can happen. Hospitality workers are the ones who operate the bars, clubs, restaurants, and stores, and their ability to communicate with each other can make a difference in happy cruise guests and dissatisfied ones. With their employee mobile app, hospitality workers can communicate about things like planned activities, theme nights, service hours, and the availability of meals, snacks, and drinks. When guests have questions, the employees can use their apps to find answers far more quickly than with older communication methods like ordinary phones.

Activities, Entertainment, and Services

Production managers, entertainers, costumers, photographers, DJs … the variety of activity- and entertainment-related jobs onboard the typical large cruise ship is enormous. In order to ensure that everything happens with precise coordination, instant communication is essential. Activities, entertainment, and services workers on a cruise ship may not have the time to take a phone call to answer a routine question about showtimes or which theme night is happening at a club. With a customized employee mobile app, they do not have to. Apps are perfect for accessing information, and for management to “push” relevant information to the right employees at the right time.

Engineering and Maintenance


Employee mobile apps Communication is essential for keeping all systems operational and safe.


The people working behind the scenes to ensure that a cruise ship is safe and that it sticks to its schedule are every bit as important to a positive cruise experience as the entertainers, hairstylists, and activity guides with customer-facing jobs. Like every cruise ship worker, those involved in engineering and maintenance rely on clear, reliable communication to get things done in a timely manner and to recognize when safety or maintenance tasks must be performed. How these workers experience an employee mobile app may be different from their colleagues in customer-facing jobs, but the use of an app customized for their needs can make just as positive a difference in how well they are able to carry out their functions.

The Employee Mobile App Brings It Together

Cruise ship employees, just like cruise guests, are always on the go, and the combination of onboard Wi-Fi and mobile devices has created ideal conditions for the deployment of the employee mobile app on cruise ships. Not all employee mobile apps are equal, however, and HubEngage allows the level of customization cruise ships need to tailor their apps to their exact needs. Among other things, the cruise ship employee mobile app built with HubEngage can:

  • Push content to the exact people who need it, precisely when they need it, filtered by things like job title and the employee’s physical location on the ship.
  • Solicit and receive instant feedback from employees.
  • Provide informative, entertaining content that boosts crew morale and motivation.
  • Incentivize with employee recognition to obtain information by offering rewards and recognition while at the same time encouraging them in cross-selling and up-selling services.

HubEngage offers a powerful platform for custom employee mobile app development, allowing a cruise ship to develop the app that exactly conforms to its needs rather than trying to make a boilerplate employee app do things for which it is not designed. Better still, you can try the HubEngage app for free. Effective communication powers memorable, enjoyable cruise experiences, and that communication is yours with the right employee mobile app.

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