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Virtual Employee Engagement Software

virtual employee engagement

Ever since remote work has become a thing of the present going virtual is just how things are done. Even if employees are not going to the office, burnout is still a thing. Online burnout has now slowly started increasing and organizations are now using virtual employee engagement software in an attempt to avoid this.

Employees are spending countless hours in meetings, staying online for hours replying to numerous emails and messages. It’s a common thing to find a minimum of 10 to 15 tabs open on every employee‘s browser. It’s safe to say remote work can be just as stressful, cumbersome and will leave employees feeling burnt out and unable to remain productive. This is where virtual employee engagement software come in.


Getting an engagement software is only just half the battle it’s how you use it that leads to positive results.


Here are 3 key ways to engage your employees:

Different Ways of Virtual Employee Engagement Software

1. Diversify Communications

When it comes to communicating effectively to your employees, not every employee is the same. Therefore, one standard form of communication will not be effective. Customize your content so that it connects with, appeals to, and is absorbed by each and every employee it is relevant for.


When we say customize, we mean not everyone will respond to simple text. Some may prefer to read where as some prefer a more visual approach and would appreciate watching a video, and some may prefer listening to what needs to be communicated.


No matter what the communication, use your engagement software to create different formats so that it is absorbed by all.

2. Incentivize With Gamification

Your virtual employee engagement platform should have gamification elements attached to different feature aspects. In order to guarantee that your employees are invested, engaged, and involved with company activities, objectives and goals; gamification is a key factor. It encourages your employees to keep at it.


Set up a point system where your employees can collect points based on how much they engage on your platform whether it be speaking to other employees, engaging in content, completing quizzes, training modules, or taking surveys.


The more they engage on your engagement software the more points they will be able to collect. They can then exchange these points for a gift cards, branded merchandise or anything you as an organization deem fit to be a rewarding prize.


This is a great way to remove the imperative nature that comes with having your employees take part in organizational activities.

3. Organize Events To Help Recharge & Improve Skills

Burnout, anxiety, isolation, and stress are all pathways to greater mental health issues. Organize virtual events that will help your employees take better control of their mental health, recharge, regroup and feel happier.


Another reason why an employee can be stressed is not knowing how to tackle certain obstacles within their job. Often times this is because they aren’t able to upgrade their skills on a regular basis.


Organize online training sessions to help your employees keep up-to-date with their skills as well as learn new skills that can help expand their job profile.


So to sum up, organizing virtual events with your employee engagement software can help not only to improve productivity and engagement levels it can also help keep your employees happier, healthier and efficient on a long-term basis.

Use HubEngage for Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

The HubEngage employee engagement software helps organizations engage their employees and boost productivity levels.


Customize all of your engagement activities from one platform, and use in-depth data insights to understand your employees better. You will  be able to customize every thing from communications to the aesthetic of your employee engagement software.

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