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AwardCo Mobile App: Discover its Perfect Alternative

AwardCo Mobile App: Discover its Perfect Alternative

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and improve employee engagement. One such area is mobile apps that enable companies to connect with their workforce, recognize employee achievements, and foster a sense of motivation. While AwardCo Mobile App may have been a popular choice in the past, it’s crucial to understand the need for alternative solutions that can address the limitations and evolving needs of businesses.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why businesses are seeking alternatives to AwardCo Mobile App and highlight the key features to look for in an alternative. Additionally, a detailed overview of the best alternative will guide you to transitioning from AwardCo to a new platform. 

Understanding the Need for an Alternative to AwardCo Mobile App

While AwardCo Mobile App may have served its purpose in the past, businesses are now faced with new challenges and expectations in their employee engagement strategies. One of the primary reasons why businesses are seeking alternatives is the need for a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. AwardCo Mobile App may have lacked the simplicity and efficiency that employees require in today’s digital landscape. Additionally, customization capabilities have become a crucial factor for businesses. The ability to tailor the app to reflect their unique brand identity and recognition programs is essential in creating a personalized experience for employees.

Furthermore, as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, businesses are realizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve. AwardCo Mobile App may not have kept up with the latest trends and innovations in employee engagement. This can be a significant disadvantage for businesses that strive to be at the forefront of their industry. By exploring alternatives, businesses can ensure that they are utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and features available, giving them a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

Identifying the Limitations of AwardCo Mobile App

While AwardCo Mobile App may have provided certain functionalities, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations.

One major drawback is its lack of robust reporting and analytics features. Businesses need comprehensive insights into employee engagement and recognition trends to make informed decisions and drive performance improvements. Moreover, the absence of real-time data and analytics hinders businesses from leveraging actionable insights effectively. This limitation, along with the need for a more user-friendly interface, has prompted businesses to explore alternatives that better align with their requirements.

In addition to reporting and analytics, another limitation of AwardCo Mobile App is its limited integration capabilities. In today’s interconnected world, businesses rely on various communication channels to engage with their employees. AwardCo Mobile App may have lacked the ability to seamlessly integrate with other platforms, such as email, instant messaging, and social media. This limitation can hinder the reach and effectiveness of employee recognition efforts, as it restricts the channels through which employees can be engaged and appreciated.

Additionally, here are some of the drawbacks of AwardCo Mobile App pin-pointed by its users on popular review platforms GetApp, g2, Capterra, SourceForge, and TechnologyEvaluation, amongst others:

a) Template Format Issues:

  • Users have encountered challenges with specific template formats in the AwardCo app, leading to errors. Understanding and resolving these errors for bulk recognitions may require additional effort.

b) Limited Focus for Recognition:

  • Recognition within AwardCo Mobile App cannot be specifically directed to a particular team or group of people, limiting its effectiveness in addressing team-specific achievements.

c) Amazon Search Inefficiency:

  • The Amazon search feature within AwardCo is reported to be less user-friendly compared to the actual Amazon site. Users find it cumbersome to navigate and lack the ability to read product reviews directly.

d) Lack of Product Details:

  • Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited details available about specific products on AwardCo Mobile App, hindering informed decision-making during the recognition process.

e) Individual Team Recognition Challenge:

  • Awarding recognition points to an entire team collectively is not supported; each team member must be added separately, potentially causing inefficiencies for coaches.

f) Limited App Accessibility:

  • AwardCo Mobile App is not available for download on popular app stores (AppStore and PlayStore), and users can only download it via a web browser, posing accessibility challenges.

g) Unclear Points Allocation:

  • Users find it challenging to determine the number of points awarded per recognition, impacting transparency and clarity in the recognition process.

h) Ambiguity in Points Value:

  • Some users hesitated to use their points due to uncertainty regarding the equivalence of one point to one dollar. Improved visual communication of point values is requested by the user.

i) Redemption Hiccups:

  • Users have occasionally faced challenges when redeeming e-cards, leading to a less-than-smooth experience with the platform.

j) Difficulty in Report Retrieval:

  • Locating the right report can be challenging for users, prompting the need for a more user-friendly interface or the ability to create ad hoc reports.

k) Limitations in Email Recipients:

  • Users faced restrictions on the number of recipients in email notifications, desiring the inclusion of additional stakeholders beyond the employee and supervisor.

l) Recognition Issues for Temporary Staff:

  • Acknowledging and recognizing contributions from temporary staffing agencies poses difficulties, as these individuals may not be seamlessly integrated into the AwardCo Mobile App program.

m) Inadequate Search Functionality:

  • Users reported poor search functionality within AwardCo Mobile App, lacking features for narrowing down choices, selecting colors, or searching for specific items effectively. Limited contact and support were noted after placing orders.

n) Differentiation Challenges:

  • Users mentioned difficulties in distinguishing between “recognize” and “nominate” functions within AwardCo Mobile App, highlighting a need for improved clarity.

o) Higher Costs Compared to Retailers:

  • Some users find that items on AwardCo Mobile App are more expensive than purchasing directly from the actual retailer. This impact the perceived value of the platform in a big way.

p) Points Pooling Limitation:

  • Users express a desire to combine points with spouses for larger purchases. HubEngage mitigates this by allowing users to directly use their vouchers on Amazon.

q) Return Process Complexity:

  • Returning items purchased through AwardCo Mobile App requires an email request. This adds an additional step that is avoided in HubEngage. HubEngage facilitates direct communication with Amazon.

r) Lack of Cash Redemption Option:

  • AwardCo Mobile App lacks the flexibility for cash redemption. This limits the options available to users compared to platforms like HubEngage.

s) Limited Amazon Store Items:

  • The range of items available on the Amazon store through AwardCo Mobile App is reported to be limited. This  potentially restricts choices for users leading to dissatisfaction. Whereas in HubEngage, there is no such challenge. Users can access Amazon directly just like they do with their personal transactions.

t) Comment Editing and Formatting Restrictions:

  • Users face limitations in deleting their own comments, creating new lines, and adding emoji expressions within comments on AwardCo Mobile App, impacting the richness of communication.

u) Confusing “Spend Points” Feature:

  • The “Spend Points” category is reported to be confusing for users, suggesting a need for clearer communication regarding the spending process, a feature addressed in HubEngage.

v) Perceived User-Friendliness Issues:

  • While AwardCo Mobile App may seem less user-friendly at first glance, users find it improves with familiarity. HubEngage, on the other hand, offers a more appealing and user-friendly experience from the beginning.

w) Points-to-Dollar Ratio Inconsistency:

  • Users noted instances where the points did not spend on a 1-to-1 dollar ratio, raising concerns about the transparency of the points system.

x) Prepaid Gift Card Shipping Fee:

  • Users find it inconvenient that choosing a prepaid gift card on AwardCo Mobile App incurs a shipping fee, a contrast to the more flexible digital wallet option provided by HubEngage.

y) Privacy Challenges in Recognition:

  • Users desire a feature allowing private messages within AwardCo Mobile App while still publicly displaying a generic message or the recipient’s name on the company feed, a feature facilitated by HubEngage.

z) Support Communication Challenges:

  • Some users have faced challenges with support representatives and communication, experiencing frustrations in addressing system-related issues.

aa) Integration Time Frame:

  • Users reported extended integration timelines, with integration taking as much as 11-12 weeks, potentially impacting the platform’s adaptability to organizational needs.

bb) Challenges in Multi-Campus Integration:

  • Connecting a multi-campus organization and uniting teams displaced due to Covid has been reported as a challenge, suggesting potential limitations in AwardCo Mobile App’s adaptability.

cc) Customization Limitations:

  • Users have expressed concerns about the limited options for customization within AwardCo Mobile App, potentially disappointing those seeking a more personalized experience. This shortfall may impact the ability to tailor the platform to specific preferences or branding requirements.

dd) Complexity in Setting up New Recognitions:

  • Some users find the process of setting up new recognitions confusing, and the budgeting process is perceived as cumbersome. Streamlining these processes could enhance the overall user experience within AwardCo Mobile App.

ee) Poor Search Functionality:

  • Users have reported dissatisfaction with AwardCo’s search functionality, citing it as horrible. The lack of robust search features, beyond a basic browsing option, may hinder users in efficiently finding what they are looking for.

ff) Inability to Upload Own Pictures:

  • AwardCo Mobile App users have highlighted a limitation in the platform as it does not allow the upload of custom pictures. This lack of flexibility might restrict users who wish to include personalized images in their recognitions.

gg) Confusing Reporting:

  • Reporting features in AwardCo Mobile App have been described as still being a little confusing. Improved clarity in reporting tools could empower users to extract meaningful insights from the platform’s data.

hh) User Database Management Challenges:

  • Users express a desire to manage the user database directly within the system, without the need for metadata uploads. Additionally, there is a wish for a customer user group to facilitate collaboration, share best practices, and gain insights from peers.

ii) Budget Silos for Awards:

  • Award budgets are structured in silos, causing challenges when managers wish to recognize individuals outside their department. A more flexible budgeting system, allowing cross-team or manager-to-manager awards, could enhance the platform’s versatility.

jj) Limitations in Recognition Structure:

  • AwardCo Mobile App’s structure limits managers from giving awards to the leadership team, leaving this function primarily to the CEO. A more flexible structure supporting leaders in recognizing other leaders could contribute to a more inclusive recognition process.

kk) Submission Management and Deletion Constraints:

  • AwardCo Mobile App users report the inability to delete a submission if needed. Additionally, only the management team is allowed to submit monetary awards, potentially limiting the platform’s overall utilization. Empowering administrators with more control and enabling submission deletion could enhance flexibility.

ll) Constraints on Points Allocation:

  • Users express a desire for more points to be allowed for team members to give to others. HubEngage employs point values uniformly across the organization, eliminating concerns about allocating points with each recognition.

mm) Manual Processes Overload:

  • Users note that too many processes within AwardCo Mobile App require manual intervention, potentially leading to increased workload and inefficiencies.

nn) Extra Cost for Physical Gift Cards:

  • AwardCo charges an additional cost for physical gift cards. Whereas in HubEngage, users can print them out themselves at no extra expense.

oo) Delayed Points Reflection:

  • AwardCo Mobile App users report a lengthy timeframe for points to reflect in the system. In some cases, taking up to three pay periods. This delay can be confusing for users. HubEngage, in contrast, offers instant reflection of points, providing a more immediate and transparent experience.

To address these concerns, consider exploring HubEngage as an alternative communication platform for a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience. HubEngage addresses all the pain points highlighted by AwardCo users, providing a robust solution for efficient and effective coaching communication.

Why Businesses are Seeking Alternatives

The landscape of employee engagement is constantly evolving, and businesses need to adapt accordingly. If the aforementioned cons are anything to go by, AwardCo Mobile App has a tough road ahead. It may get increasingly challenging to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of modern workplaces. Moreover, the absence of certain features, such as integration with other communication channels, limits the reach and engagement potential of the app. Businesses are now looking for alternatives that offer more comprehensive solutions to effectively connect with their employees and foster a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Furthermore, businesses recognize the importance of employee engagement in driving overall organizational success. Engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and loyal, leading to improved business outcomes. As a result, businesses are actively seeking alternatives to AwardCo Mobile App that can provide a more holistic approach to employee engagement. These alternatives often offer a wide range of features and therefore, a more prompt customer support system to address customer needs. HubEngage specializes in real-time feedback, social recognition, performance tracking, and gamification. This creates a more engaging and motivating environment for employees, seamlessly and effortlessly.

The need for an alternative to AwardCo Mobile App stems from the evolving expectations of businesses in their employee engagement strategies. The limitations of AwardCo Mobile App, such as its lack of robust reporting and analytics features and limited integration capabilities, have prompted businesses to explore alternatives that better align with their requirements. By embracing alternatives like HubEngage Recognition App, businesses can stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, they can leverage actionable insights, and foster a culture of recognition and appreciation, ultimately driving improved business outcomes.

Key Features to Look for in an Alternative to AwardCo

When considering alternatives to AwardCo Mobile App, there are several key features that businesses should prioritize. The first and foremost is a user-friendly interface that promotes ease of use and navigation. A mobile app that is intuitive and requires minimal training ensures seamless adoption and engagement from employees.

  • For example, a user-friendly interface could include features such as clear and organized menus, easily accessible search functions, and visually appealing layouts. These elements contribute to a positive user experience, making it effortless for employees to navigate through the app and find the information they need.


Customization capabilities are also essential in allowing businesses to align the app with their brand identity and recognition programs. This includes the ability to customize the app’s color scheme, logo, and overall design to reflect the company’s branding. Additionally, the alternative to AwardCo should provide options for businesses to tailor the recognition programs to their specific needs and goals.

Reporting & Analytics

Another crucial feature to look for in the alternative to AwardCo is robust reporting and analytics functionality. Businesses need real-time insights and data-driven analytics to measure the effectiveness of their employee engagement initiatives. This empowers businesses to make data-backed decisions and drive continuous improvements in their recognition programs.

  • For example, the alternative app should provide comprehensive reporting capabilities. It should therefore allow businesses to track and analyze key metrics such as employee participation rates and recognition frequency. In addition, it’s great if the new platform can measure the impact of recognition on employee morale and productivity. Lastly, advanced analytics features, such as trend analysis and benchmarking, can further enhance the understanding of the program’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Integration

Furthermore, integration with other communication channels is vital in reaching and engaging all employees. A comprehensive alternative to AwardCo should offer various communication channels, including mobile apps, web, email, SMS, and digital signage, to ensure maximum reach and impact.

  • For instance, integration with email and SMS allows businesses to send personalized recognition messages directly to employees’ inboxes or mobile devices. This in-turn ensures that no one misses out on important announcements or acknowledgments. Integration with digital signage can also enhance visibility by displaying recognition messages and achievements in common areas, promoting a culture of appreciation throughout the workplace.

When evaluating alternatives to AwardCo Mobile App, businesses should prioritize a user-friendly interface, customization capabilities, robust reporting and analytics functionality, and integration with various communication channels. By considering these key features, businesses can ensure they select an alternative that not only meets their immediate needs but also supports their long-term employee engagement and recognition goals.

The Best Alternative to AwardCo Mobile App

HubEngage Employee Recognition App

HubEngage offers a comprehensive solution for employee engagement through its powerful mobile app.

  1. At the outset, a user-friendly interface and customization capabilities, it allows businesses to tailor the app to their specific branding and recognition programs. Further, HubEngage provides robust reporting and analytics features, giving businesses real-time insights to drive improvements.
  2. Further, HubEngage’s mobile app is designed to enhance employee engagement by providing a seamless experience. Unlike AwardCo Mobile App, HubEngage enables employees to access important information in one unified app. This includes company news, updates, announcements, surveys, forms, gamified recognition, employee engagement and an internal social network.
  3. Furthermore, HubEngage offers employee recognition, rewards and incentives, leaderboards, and social collaboration, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation among employees.
  4. And finally, HubEngage’s customization capabilities allow businesses to align the app with their branding and recognition programs. From the app’s color scheme to the layout and design, everything can be tailored to reflect the company’s unique identity. This level of personalization helps create a cohesive and engaging experience for employees.

Another standout feature of HubEngage is its reporting and analytics capabilities.

  1. Firstly, businesses can gain real-time insights into employee engagement levels, performance, and participation in various programs. Therefore, this data-driven approach helps identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to drive better results.
  2. Secondly, what sets HubEngage apart from AwardCo Mobile App is its ability to reach and engage all employees through various communication channels – mobile apps, web, email, SMS, and digital signage.
  3. Thirdly, HubEngage auto-translates content in 14 international languages. All the users across geographies will be able to “instantly” access all communications in their native language.
  4. And last but not least, HubEngage allows potential customers to actually use their app for as long one would want before making the purchase decision. There is absolutely no trial period limit and no cost involved. What’s more… even for the trial period HubEngage will offer a customized app in the client company’s brand elements.

Transitioning from AwardCo Mobile App to a New Platform

Transitioning from AwardCo to a new platform requires careful planning and execution. It’s essential to prepare your team for the switch and ensure a smooth transition process.

Preparing Your Team for the Transition

Communicate the reasons for the transition and the benefits of the new platform to your team. Conduct training sessions to familiarize employees with the new app and its features. Address any concerns or questions they may have to ensure a seamless transition and maximize employee engagement.

HubEngage hand-holds you through the process that is seamless and quicker than any other app out there. Unlike AwardCo Mobile App, we offer unlimited Demos to multiple teams and are equipped to answer any query within 4 hours in most cases.

Ensuring Data Migration and Security

Prioritize data migration to ensure a seamless transfer of employee recognition data from AwardCo to the new platform. Make sure that proper security measures are in place to protect sensitive information throughout the transition process.

HubEngage complies with the latest security norms for modern businesses. Our certification compliance includes ISO-27001, AICPA-SOC, GDPR, HIPAA, HRCI, SHRM-CP, and SHRM-SCP.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your New Mobile App

After transitioning from AwardCo Mobile App, it’s crucial to maximize the benefits of your new mobile app. This further drives-up employee engagement and business growth.

Training and Support for Optimal Use

Provide ongoing training and support to ensure that employees are utilizing the app to its full potential. Regularly communicate updates and new features to keep employees engaged and motivated to use the app for recognition and collaboration.

HubEngage helps clients with daily motivation and content ideas  through its TOE – Turn On Engagement platform. TOE is similar to the client apps and can be used by clients and their extended contacts. The admins on TOE make several daily posts on relevant industry topics and current affairs. If you participate regularly on TOE, you will be able to come up with innovative content for your company app “daily”.

Leveraging New Features for Business Growth

Explore the new features and capabilities of your chosen alternative. Leverage features like gamification and social recognition amongst others. Additionally, this effort fosters a culture of continuous improvement and business growth and encourages employees to actively participate in recognition programs.

Businesses seeking alternatives to AwardCo Mobile App are driven by the need for a user-friendly interface, customization capabilities, robust reporting and analytics, and integration with other communication channels. HubEngage stands out as the best choice to implement this strategy. With its comprehensive mobile app and communication channels like mobile apps, web, email, SMS, and digital signage, HubEngage offers a solution that addresses all these requirements. By making the switch to HubEngage, businesses can unlock the full potential of employee engagement and foster a culture of recognition and motivation.

There are many more features that make HubEngage the best alternative to AwardCo Mobile App.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity – Explore It Today

HubEngage is a comprehensive solution that excels in every aspect. From seamless integration to streamlined communications, social engagement, gamified recognitions, and more, the HubEngage employee experience is unparalleled. Enjoy personalized content creation and delivery, creating a unique and tailored experience for each employee. Experience a new level of efficiency with HubEngage’s extensive automation capabilities. In addition, save valuable time and resources while maintaining a proactive approach to communication and engagement. Effortlessly, foster a culture of appreciation and collaboration within your organization. Embrace diversity with HubEngage’s multi-language support, ensuring every employee can engage in their preferred language.

Grab this unique opportunity toward streamlined communications and enhanced productivity? Schedule a demo of HubEngage today and discover firsthand how our platform can reshape your approach to employee engagement. Unleash the potential for a more connected, engaged, and thriving workforce.

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