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3 Tips to pick the right Employee App platform


Many companies are beginning to deploy apps for employee communication and engagement. In addition to creating a robust and attractive employee app, the employee App platform must be able to provide deep insights to help you refine your internal communication strategy and ensure that your employees are  engaged, and getting the information they need.

While there are many employee App platforms in the market today offering one-off solutions like just an employee communications app or a enterprise social app or an employee recognitions app,  picking an unified employee app platform that can do everything in a one app can save you costs and enormous amount of time needed to manage the platforms.

The next aspect is to ensure that you are able to get participation from your employees. Without adoption and participation, any insight into the data is meaningless because you will not have enough data to analyze. HubEngage employee app platform provides a gamification layer to drive participation and engagement. For example, when you are publishing your internal communications in the employee app, you can give away points for viewing, acknowledging, liking and commenting on the content. When you send out an employee survey in the employee app,  you can give out points or gift cards for submitting the survey. Once you get the adoption and participation you need, it is easy to delve into the engagement metrics.

Then you need to ensure that the employee App platform provides deep analytics to help your measure the efficacy of your internal communications and employee engagement. Metrics could include employee sentiment scores, feedback scores, knowledge scores and other standard metrics like views, likes, comments etc.

In short, here are the top 3 thing3 to look for when you pick an employee App platform

  • Comprehensive Features including gamification. Consider employee app communication platforms that give you a comprehensive engagement toolset first, and then give you the employee app analytics so that you could understand your workforce better, and then take it a step further and provide automatic re-targeting so that you can then have an intelligent employee communications platform that responds and adapts to the needs of your changing workforce constantly. This is very important when you have large decentralized workforces with many different roles and responsibilities across a global geographic landscape.
  • Open APIs and Web-hooks. Make sure your employee communication platform is open to integrating with other legacy systems. Can it pull data from other places such as SharePoint, learning management systems (LMS), rewards, and recognition vendor fulfillment? Does it provide APIs and web-hooks to instantly give your employee access to other content and other systems via the same mobile employee app? These are common questions we hear all the time, and integration challenges we solve every day for our customers.
  • Reporting Tools. When you use smart intelligent employee mobile app platforms such as HubEngage, you will quickly gather lots of data which will be automatically sliced and diced and crunched for you so that you get the big picture fast. You also have access to deep reporting tools which let you get very granular based on your need and insight request. Platforms like this are helping their employee communications, HR, internal marketing, and corporate affairs customers become data technologists, versus just traditional communicators. Just like shopper marketing and external-based consumer advertising has gone the way of database decision-making, the exact same is happening internally to employee communication groups.

Robust employee engagement platforms such as HubEngage, provide companies of all sizes with mobile apps for employees. Learn more and see how you can transform your employee communication efforts to be ahead of the curve.

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