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Improve Onboarding Experience With the Right Employee Mobile App


You can only have a great company if you have great employees. In a world where nearly 33 percent of workers begin looking for a job within six months of starting at a company, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to retain talented employees. Turnover costs companies $11 billion every year.

What is the answer? For many employers, it is about those crucial first days of employment. Why? That is the time for you to get employees excited about their job and your company and the time to lay out expectations and set the tone. The right onboarding experience can create an engaged employee for life.

What is the “right” onboarding experience? Approximately 22 percent of companies say they do not have a formal onboarding program, so that is the first place to start. Take note: onboarding involves more than just pointing an employee to some resource PDFs hidden deep within the file system of your HR site. Employees should be able to seamlessly navigate through the onboarding experience.

How The Right Employee Mobile App Can Help

employee-mobile-app-1 The easiest and most effective way to create an effective onboarding program is with an employee mobile app. Mobile phones are ubiquitous these days. Almost everyone over the age of 16 has a phone, and most people spend a big chunk of their day interacting with it. So why not meet your employees where they are?

Employee mobile apps, sometimes called employee training apps, can save you hours, months, years of work, helping you create a customizable, personalized, efficient experience for each new employee. With a mobile-first platform, you can keep your employees connected in the office, on the train, and at home. That is just scratching the surface. Here are some more ways the right app can help with the onboarding experience.


With an employee mobile app, new hires do not have to visit five different websites for training, HR, legal information, code of conduct, and your mission statement. They can get all of that in one centralized location. This is good for your new employees and also for your current staff. Managers and HR staff do not have the time to babysit new hires, and that can often lead to the new employee feeling neglected. None of this is an issue when everything is centralized on an employee mobile app.

The Four C’s

SHRM has identified the Four C’s of successful onboarding: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection. A mobile app can help with all of these.

  • Compliance: While you may still need pen and paper for signatures on government forms and contracts, an increasing number of these documents can be signed virtually or with fingerprint technology. Mobile apps can also help you and your new hires keep track of everything they have signed and what they have left to do.
  • Clarification: Employees can only live up to expectations if they know what is expected of them. A job description with tangible goals and articulated duties can go a long way toward making sure everyone is on the same page right from the start. If this information is readily available for employees on a mobile app, that will ensure they have it at their fingertips any time it is needed.
  • Culture: With hubEngage, you can brand your content so your new employees can take the look and feel of the company with them wherever they go. This goes well beyond a simple logo, making it easy for an employee to seamlessly integrate with your company’s culture. Branded content can help new hires forge a connection to the brand and your company organically.
  • Connection: Employees can easily communicate with each other, HR, managers, and anyone else they may need to contact with the HubEngage app, no matter where they are. In this way, they will feel a part of the team from the very beginning.


Multimedia Content

That brings us to multimedia content, which can help with all Four C’s. Whether it is a training video, a chat with co-workers, or pictures of work socials, multimedia content can help with compliance, clarification, culture, and connection. Streaming multimedia content through a mobile app can create a stellar onboarding experience and, again, save you time and money. The hubEngage mobile app is completely scalable, so you do not have to worry about slow servers or stuttering video if you have multiple new hires accessing content at the same time. With hubEngage, you can also create surveys, offer quizzes, and reward employees with badges. A gamified onboarding process can help engage even more workers.

A Note About Integration

Many companies are hesitant to move their onboarding experience to a mobile platform, because some employee mobile apps do not play nicely with the HR systems companies already have in place. HubEngage can integrate with and expand those systems seamlessly, giving employees an onboarding experience that will keep them fully engaged with your company. What are you waiting for? Try the HubEngage app now!

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