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Is Employee Recognition the Most Important Tactic for HR in 2022?

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Many employers are beginning to feel the pressure to incentivize, reward and recognize their employees. The pressure is on as companies welcome back workforces globally and try to attract and retain talent. In doing so, many HR leaders are fast realizing that employee recognition is a critical component for workforce continuity across all industries.

With labor shortages abounding, and increasing difficulty to find and retain top talent, employee recognition platforms are in high demand right now and for the foreseeable future. Employee recognition is just one of the many perks that employers now have to include in their workforce planning in order to sustain proper employment levels and deliver products and services to the end customer.

Employee recognition in most organizations, traditionally speaking, has been very unorganized and tends to be on a one-off basis. But many employers are beginning to look at employee recognition as a formal, ongoing initiative, launching digital programs that support the entire recognition lifecycle as well as complement the overall employee experience. The use of technology and employee recognition platforms like HubEngage, can give companies the edge they were looking for to not only recognize, but also retain their existing workforces, but also attract new pools of labor and attract talent.

Employee recognition can come in the form of two major formats, peer-to-peer and top-down. Typically, companies default to top-down recognition, which might include leadership or a manager recognizing a specific individual or group of individuals for outstanding performance, achieving a product or service milestones, or maybe even going above and beyond the call of duty. With the use of digital employee recognition platforms, companies can now enable both peer-to-peer recognition as well top-down recognition of employees. Via mobile apps and modern web-based mobile-friendly responsive intranets, employees can quickly recognize other peers. Recognition can go a long way when companies empower individuals to recognize one another and can create engaging, modern cultures, that embrace the mission vision, and values of a particular company.

Recognition can also mean more than just recognizing someone for doing good work, but it may be for milestones such as a work anniversary or even a birthday. Many employee recognition platforms such as HubEngage have the ability to automate these recognitions so that without any effort by the company, an employee is recognized instantly when it’s their birthday or maybe they have a work anniversary or other special event. Through various integrations into existing HRIS systems, employee data can be shared across platforms, making it very seamless and easy to automate these tasks.

It’s also very easy to add the incentive layer on top of recognition with points and rewards. Gamification of a recognition platform can create a spirit of appreciation, sharing, and caring, that transcends the company all the way down to the individual employee. Adding rewards such as gift cards, cash cards, and even charitable donations by the company on behalf of the employee, allow recognitions to go even further. These supercharged, incentivized employee recognitions provide the intrinsic motivation that employees need to strive to do good in their everyday jobs and reach new heights in their respective careers.

Digital recognition platforms are plentiful these days. However, having a robust recognition platform that is also tied into the overall employee experience makes it even more powerful and seamless. Not to mention it also helps consolidate the employee experience into one platform with powerful data and analytics for HR leaders to then understand their workforce better. Management of all tactics under one umbrella makes for time savings for today’s busy stakeholders. When you combine the tactic of employee recognition with employee surveys, overall top-down and bottom-up internal communication, instant messaging, learning and training, social channels, and more, you can create an employee experience unlike any other.

Do you want to get started with your own custom recognition platform with the ability to expand into other areas of the employee experience in the future? Book a demo of HubEngage today and see just how powerful your recognition platform can be and make an impact on your employees. Don’t fall behind the employer retention curve–stay ahead with a modern, easy-to-use platform that shows employee engagement results fast.

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